Midweek Lockout!


WARNING: Lockout is tonight!!! EPL is back with a midweek matchday after a thrilling FA Cup weekend. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to get any articles posted this week, so for those seeing this I’m here to answer questions if you’ve got any! Over the next gameweek there’s sure to be some late transfers so there’s always plenty of room for some discussion.

Transfer deadline deals, wildcard issues, just send them through!

If you’re on twitter send your questions through to @FPLaddicts and I’ll be answering them there as well. Good luck this week lads…




Weighing the Odds GW22

FPL is a game of lucky picks. You don’t yourself score, assist or keep clean sheets–someone you guess might do does. So, happenstance may rule all, but an educated guess can at least increase those odds. An experienced tipper like FPLAddicts contributor ‘Blunty’ can help guide you to betshop success, FPL legend status or, if reality has forced you to recognize the unlikelihood of a top 10 finish, help you to maintain a semblance of FPL dignity.

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The Captain Column



Hello everyone. You may be asking yourself “why is Chris writing about Captains, where will be get our bargains?” – Well, unlike me, Ben has a real life and has had to step away from writing about Captains. Plus, finding interesting new bargains each week was becoming a bit difficult… I recommended Victor Anichebe for Christ sake.

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