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The European Scout returns to discuss Liverpool’s FPL prospects ahead of a mixed run of fixtures from GW21-GW24 alongside FPLAddicts regular @liambednarski

How many points will Liverpool accumulate in their next three matches? 

European Scout: Liverpool do not win many games at Old Trafford and Manchester United is slowly but surely starting to play better. This is going to be a tight game and I think Manchester United will win this game. Swansea will visit Anfield a week later, this should be three points for Liverpool. Swansea is really poor this season, Bob Bradley got sacked a new manager should make a really big impact to change the Swansea season. The last game of January is the most important game for Liverpool, Chelsea will visit Anfield. Liverpool will have to win this game to keep on track with Chelsea, my guess is that this game will end in a draw. The first game in February is against Hull City, I can be short on this one it should and will be a win for Liverpool.

Liam: It has been a mixed patch of form for Liverpool and it looks set to continue. Such mixed fixtures make the team difficult to predict. Adam Lallana (7.7) is in the form of his career though proving a wise investment given the absence of Coutinho (8.2), Mane (9.2) and poor form in front of goal by Firmino (8.5).

Given the mixed fixtures ahead which Liverpool player is going to provide the most goals and assists over the next three matches?

European Scout: Lallana and Firmino will be the most important FPL players. With Lallana particularly in outstanding form over the last couple of games. Firmino has had some average performances in recent weeks but he is creating chances and getting shots on goal. It is close but I am backing Firmino over the upcoming fixtures.

Liam: Lallana (7.7) is the option for me with the re-emergence of Daniel Sturridge (9.7) resulting in a change to Firmino (8.5) role in the side ever so slightly. There is much flux in the Liverpool side but I am going to go with the option in the best form.

Would you be confident in owning a Liverpool defender in your fantasy side over this time?

European Scout: My direct answer by this question would have been Joel Matip (5.3) , unfortunately he is injured at the moment and his return is unknown. Lovern (5.0) is not one of my favourites but his performances in the last three games was outstanding. Klavern (4.6) is taking over the spot of the injured Matip (5.3). I wrote about him last week a solid defender but my guess there are better option to have in FPL given his rotation. Milner (6.4) is not really a defender but does his tasks better than Alberto Moreno does. My personal favourite is Nathaniel Clyne (5.8), a solid defender that performs well with little to no mistakes. With this all being said, my recommendation will be to have Lovren in your fantasy side with his good performances in his last three games.

Liam: Dejan Lovren (5.0) has been a consistent returner in recent times averaging over five points in his last 10 matches. The catch is his missed three matches in that spell. Beware of his injuries in a tough run of fixtures.

Who will be the Liverpool forward in the next six matches? Firmino? Origi? Sturridge?

My guess is that Klopp will play Origi from the wings positions and Firmino in the centre. He might play Sturridge in the games against Sunderland in the centre and Firmino from the side. Mane is absent in the month of January and this will give Sturridge the chance to earn a spot in the starting XI. Coutinho will hopefully return from injury soon and can play from the side again. The three up front are changing positions during the games constantly so it is hard to say who is the real centre forward.

Will Coutinho hit the ground running and be worthy of FPL investment on the 31st December or is it better to wait?

I say wait, Coutinho has a little drawback in his injury likely to return against United.

Will Lallana collect more goals and assists then Coutinho over the next three matches?

Lallana will collect more goals and assists in the upcoming game. However, when Coutinho return my guess he will have a direct impact on the Liverpool games and collect his goals and assists as well. It is going to be a tight race but my guess is for the next three fixtures Lallana will be the winner.

Thanks again to The European Scout as he spends January trawling through the transfers for the Premier League. It has been a quiet transfer window so far I expect a busy transfer deadline day.

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