Midweek Lockout!

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WARNING: Lockout is tonight!!! EPL is back with a midweek matchday after a thrilling FA Cup weekend. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to get any articles posted this week, so for those seeing this I’m here to answer questions if you’ve got any! Over the next gameweek there’s sure to be some late transfers so there’s always plenty of room for some discussion.

Transfer deadline deals, wildcard issues, just send them through!

If you’re on twitter send your questions through to @FPLaddicts and I’ll be answering them there as well. Good luck this week lads…



4 comments on “Midweek Lockout!

  1. John

    Tough one this midweek regarding who will be ‘captain fantastick’.
    Personally im gonna give the armband to Alli away against Sunderland. Im in a position where i need to pick points in my two leauges.
    And Alli is on fire. In this weekends FA Cup match he was amazing. My 3 top cap choices would be 1: Alli 2: Sanchez 3: Zlatan
    I am pretty sure all 3 will score in their matches but Sunderland is leaking like a needle users arm, both home and away.
    And wheiging the odds in my position where im desperate to gain more points then the two in front of me Alli it is.
    Typical on a day like this where im having second toughts would be Sanchez to putt two goals and Alli with a single assist….
    Best Lucky folks!

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