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Welcome back to the worst named column on the internet. I’m leaving this name open, suggestions welcomed… Needed even.

Let’s all forget about the midweek slump most of us endured. For the record I took a punt in a desperate attempt to claw back point and slapped the ‘C’ on Pogba at home to Hull, expecting United to come out flying. I give up.


There’s a plethora of options this week, but I’ll be looking at some of the guys with friendly fixtures, mostly because Arsenal vs Chelsea is a game where anything, or nothing can happen.


  1. Kevin de Bruyne – Swansea (H)

Any other week it would be Sergio Aguero, everyone wouldn’t even have to think about it. So much has changed that he’s no longer a guaranteed starter, let alone a captain lock. Given the fixture though, we need to look elsewhere, and one of the only constants in City’s first-11 this year has been KdB.

Having scored in successive matches now, after a very lean period of 16 games it seems the added pace around him in Jesus, Sane and Sterling is making this assist machine step up. Not many people own him, if you do, he could make all the difference this week.


  1. Zlatan – Leicester (A)

The conqueror on worlds may have failed to breakdown Hull, but those games were beneath him. That’s how I’m justifying it anyway. What he needs is to play the Champions away from home.

In his last 8 he’s banged in 6 goals, chipped in with 4 assists and played every single minute. If ever there was a chance for him to go bang, it could well be against a team that has conceded 7 in 3, and have not scored in their last 4. Don’t ever question Zlatan.


  1. Harry Kane – Middlesborough (H)

Easily the top choice of the week, Spurs are playing really well, he’s full of confidence and he’s playing ‘Boro, a team on paper he should smash. It’s interesting to note that that every single time he’s registered 10 or more fantasy points this year; it’s against bottom half teams. More tempting is that he’s scored a brace at home three times already this season.

Questions can be raised by ‘Boro only conceding 12 away goals all year, but Spurs have found a way to break those teams down with ease and given the home tie, is easily the pick of the round.



The ‘Bargain’ Option


Who is the ONLY player who’s averaging over 10 points in their last 3?

Who is playing at home, against a team with the 2nd worst attacking threat in the league?

Who is still less than 7.0m?



Seamus Coleman – Bournemouth (H)

Yeah, really. You’d be mad to do it, there’s little chance he’ll bag again, but a clean sheet is a great shout at the very least, and if you need to take a punt, he’s the most in form player around.


As for me… More desperate action. I have none of the above, and I’m transferring out Pogba for Mirallas, banking some funds for next week and making me new guy captain. Yeah, desperate.


Good luck addicts


19 comments on “The Captain Column

      • John

        Definition of panic is bringing in Pete ‘Auschwitz’ Crouch. Jupp. Swapped for Negredo. So, if Giroud does’nt get his grip soon he’s next. Aiming for Kane to replace.
        After 2 crappy rounds im there fore giving Zlatan the C. Up front is Zlatan,Crouch and Giroud. Jesus mary and jojo

  1. George

    Lukaku was my captain! Every time i’ve captained him this season he has not let me down!!! What a legend! Looking like an awesome gameweek, only error from me so far was benching Barnes to play Phillips.

    • John

      Having that second pint last night was one of the best decisions ever made!
      I traded out Giroud because he was insecure.
      And traded in Lukaku! AND gave him the C! Don’t know why.
      Dobbel whammy! 👏👏
      (G.I Joe’s Mourinho)

  2. George

    Not sure whether to play it safe and captain Sanchez at home against Hull or go Siggy at home against Leicester. Thinking Siggy as a differential like my successful Lukaku punt last game week and the fact I hope Hull can hold or defeat Arsenal haha.

      • John

        Sanchez had the C from me but the rest was pretty average. Total of 53 aint good on a Day where the cap has 30. Chelsea pretty much took it down with no cleansheet. But hey, still above the total average and gained in both my groups. The tricky part is blanks in the up coming round. I have planned a head with wildcard in first week of january and will manage to play a steady 11. Lukaku will with out a doubt be cap on my team home against Sunderland. The rest is up to av couple of cleansheets and Spurs basicly. Talkin in Crouch two rounds ago can turn out to be a bummer. No subs this weekend and Gabbiadini in the next round with two free transfers. The Saints has a decent scedual ahead. Gabbiadini to 6.5 is a bargain.

        • George

          Good job and good planning. I got 52 which i’m pretty happy with considering i didn’t have Sanchez as captain. My decision to start Brunt over Cedric knowing Brunt has bad away form cost me an extra 7 points unfortunately. But yes, I am in the same boat as you in that I will have 11 players playing this upcoming gameweek. However I haven’t used my 2nd wildcard yet, I will be using that closer to the DGWs to maximise points over those rounds… I feel like Lukaku, Costa and Hazard will score well and be great captain options for this gameweek. It looks like Gabbiadini will be a good option, not sure if i’ll jump on him because i am only starting two up front, but that could change later on when I use my wildcard.

          • John

            Decent total point score. My two groups got even better last night with an early exit on Jesus. Lol
            personaly i wont be jumping on that train this season. City still playing cups and one thing i have learned is to never ever doubt Aguero. He is the fox in the box. So i recon many will have second thougts on Jesus among the other problems this weekend until GW 28 (could be blanks as well)
            My biggest conern is Sanchez. I want that extra transfer but Liverpool taking on Leicester could be a nasty one. So, if im very unlucky Sanchez will only play one of tree rounds ahead if Arsenal goes trough the next round. AND they got Bayern next week. That i can’t afford. So thinking of bringing on Manè. Only a thought so far. Sanchez is allso expensive to get back because of price raise. So i have some conserns.
            Plan A) Play my 11 i got this round and save transfer.
            Everything between 30-45 points will be OK.
            Plan B) Sanchez tranfered out, Manè tranfer inn. That leaves me about 2mill extra founds to trade Crouch out next round and upgrade on top.
            Still: Big conerns on tranfering out Sanchez now that he is playing up front and i have to take a 0,6 hit to get him back, if so.

            Jakupovic, Alonso, Brunt, Coleman, Holgate, Snoddgras, Hazard, Phillips, Alli, Crouch and Lukaku (C)

            Im gonna give it a couple of days until the decision is made.
            Gutt feeling says stick with it. Never change a winning team.
            Or as Harry Redknapp ones said: Im not a wheeler dealer, now fuck off! 😂

          • George

            Yeah think about it over the coming days. I don’t see Wenger resting Sanchez if anything he might only play around 70mins in a couple of the games. It might just be one of those risk for reward decisions that you need to make. I’m undecided on whether I will sell Sanchez, leaning towards keeping him. It will be interesting to see whether Mane will back up the game he had against Spurs, lately Liverpool only decide to play good against the top teams. However, earlier in the season Mane did go big against Leicester.
            By the way what is your overall ranking this season? Your team looks good!

          • John

            Current rank is 1,728,607. A badly playd first wildcard f things up this season. At least that’s my exucse 🙂
            My points this round was 56 not 52 btw. Got 2×2 on Alonso and Hazard.
            Current bench is Zlatan, Sanchez and one anoying Ake. Came allong as a free passanger on deadlineday. Guess he will stay until i got a major problem. A Quick look 10 min ago showed Lukaku with Calf injury and 75% Chance of playing. Me not likey very much! Got much to consider these days.

          • George

            Ah yes, well i’m sure you’ll jump up some positions in the weeks to come. I’m ranked 200k.. A couple of months ago I was ranked 85k but bad captain choices and Walcott annoying me has pushed me out, but im clawing my way back haha.
            Yeah, Everton said Lukaku will be right to play in the Sunderland game, I think they’ve put him as 75% chance purely because he didn’t travel with the squad to Dubai for a training camp as he has stayed back to rest up a few knocks and his calf.

          • John

            God News on Lukaku. I guess he will play. My goal is 500k + in over all rank. That first wildcard f things up big time. Don’t know what i was thinking. But hey, im all the way up now 🙂

  3. Carlos

    Hi guys, is this site still active? No updates for a long time, such a shame, it was the best FPL source out there, hopefully we can try to make a revival….

    • John

      Hi. I guess it’s still active but yes it has been quiet for about 2 weeks.
      I’ll be more then happy to continue on this weekends round on this thread.
      It’s nice to brainstorm on picks and if’s.

      • John

        So, let’s start.
        Personally im having a hard time seeing what ellse to do then to keep up with my original plan. I took of Sanchez for the first time this season last weekend. Swapped him for Manè. Since Sanchez is only playing 1/3.
        I consider Manè a bigger possibility in the offensive bit then Anny other. And my midfield is solid. Hazard, Siggy, Manè, Snoddgrass, Alli.
        In a perfect world i would have more money to invest up front and swapp Crouch but since they have a double this weekend he’s staying.
        This round could be ok but i don’t see the next 2 rounds giving me the edge to neither take minus hits or messing to much arround with my starting 11.
        Nice to see that my gutfeeling on Aguero/Jesus was right. Ok Jesus was injured but im 100% confident Aguero will provide at least 7-8 goals the rest of the season. He hes THE fox in the box. I would have given allot for having him in my team but i need double sub and maybe a ÷4 hit to swapp him in.
        My tactic with two expensive strikers and average 8 midfield and 2 expensive defenders will go on. I had a shitty fase after messing up my first wildcard and have climbed since then so i aint changing.
        Blanks and possibile double fixtures is pure bingo in the up coming rounds. I don’t see the value in taking hits for players “just playing”.
        So all in all we are all inn the same boat and i don’t see annyone gaining in the overall rank swapping in players that are below average to lose on it later on.
        My only concern is City.
        Sane and Aguero is on the radar. But it will Come with a hefty price.
        Team this round:
        Jakupovic or Valdes
        Brunt, Alonso, Coleman
        Manè, Hazard, Alli, Siggy
        Zlatan (C) Lukaku Crouch
        Bench: Valdes, Snoddgrass, Holgate, Akè (jupp, still here)

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