Double Gameweek Madness – Discussion

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Better late than never I say! You will have noticed the lack of content recently, me and Liam have been under the pump. So much so that I haven’t logged into my team to find out there’s a double gameweek this weekend! Man City and Stoke are doubling up, so get on board. More worryingly, I took a quick look at GW28…. I think we might need a special article next week! All I’m going to say is start preparing…

If there is anyone hanging around waiting for some info, let’s make this a discussion for any issues you may have concerning the next few weeks. Personally I’ve given Mane the captaincy this week, he terrorised Arsenal’s defence in GW1 and should have a field day against Gibbs or Monreal. Sterling has scored or assisted in each of his past 4 games so he’s a massive shout at 7.9 with games against Sunderland and Stoke. Aguero hit form midweek so he could be a massive differential if you can squeeze him in!

Also if you don’t have him, Gabbiadini looks at steal at 6.7. He does have a blank GW28 but at this stage so does every man and his dog. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Good luck lads.

6 comments on “Double Gameweek Madness – Discussion

  1. Pranav

    Guys! Missing your weekly articles! Managed to stay in top 3K though. Things are getting tricky in the coming game weeks. Waiting for your content.

  2. John

    I would recon that if u allready have 8+ steady starters for that round u will get above average . The shitty part is having a good Cap. I missed out massive my day at Old Trafford with giving Zlatan the C. Taking in consideration that Friend just came from a 3 Day stag-do in Marbella and the refereeing was stroke-like i wouldn’t seen that one coming in a million years. So, this round with only Lukaku on top, im looking towards midfield. Siggy is sailing up as a clear favourit since Liverpool & Mané seems to beat top six and loose or draw against lower teams. Im not gonna take a hit this round neither. Im saving up my 8, and going all-inn for a solid C.
    Swapping Zlatan for Llorente for.eks is just throwin more shit in the fan.
    Last decisions will be made late Friday night.
    Good luck!

    • John

      Change of plans:
      Zlatan with up coming 3 match Ban (after i wrote yesterday. It will come)
      Then i difintely have to keep in mind he will miss 2 PL matches( and cup against chelsea)
      That i can’t afford.
      So Plan B will be taking the hit this amputated round where i guess most players will do, and put on Kane for the future favourable Spurs matches. It’s a matter of colleteral damage.
      Plans som far has worked out well and steady 16 Points above average in two shitty rounds.
      So as long as im climbing i guess im doing something right.
      Jesus/Aguero toughts turned out right.
      Sanchez/Manè toughts turned out right.
      And i hope bringing on Kane for Zlatan taking a ÷4 hit, for 2-3 matches will turn out good.
      Anny other views from readers?

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        I traded Kane to Costa because I needed a bit of cash, massive regret. Sounds good in theory but I always find he never scores when we need it the most!!!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Not sure I’ll have 8 haha, in my league I’m happy to toss this week but if you’re in overall contention it’s a definite idea to use your wildcard. As far as captaincy is concerned Mane seems unstoppable right now…

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