Drawing Blanks

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In all my time playing FPL there has NEVER been a gameweek with such carnage as we’re about to witness this weekend. With FA Cup fixtures causing mayhem, there is just 4 games and 8 teams to pick from this week. So, what do we do? Here’s my thoughts…

Firstly, don’t panic. If you have a few on the chopping block and they have a blank, by all means take a hit or two to transfer them out for somebody actually playing. However I wouldn’t go trading out your guns that have accrued 1.0+ value, as it will be extremely hard to get them back in. Watch the value!!!

Think long-term. All these teams that are blanking this week will have at least one, if not two double gameweeks ahead. Many of the players you transfer out this week you may want back straight away, so don’t wreck your team too badly! Also keep things in perspective, everyone will be struggling this week. Almost no one will be fielding 11 players.

Arsenal and Tottenham really should win their FA Cup ties, which will mean they play again during GW34. They shouldn’t have anymore blanks however as the re-arranged fixtures should fall in GW34 also. It will just mean they’ll have their DGW on a different gameweek.

Keep in mind that Arsenal, Southampton and Man United will be 2 games behind after this weekend. That means 2 guaranteed Double Gameweeks to come. Their players will become invaluable after this week.

So, who needs to be shown the door and who looks the goods for this week?

Get Them In

Josh King is playing OOP at striker (Classified as a mid) and is on penalty duties as well. Gold! He has 5 goals in his last 6 games and faces West Ham at home, priced at 5.5 you can hardly go wrong!

Lanzini was high on my radar during pre-season, but injuries and Payet resulted in him taking a back seat. Until now. He has created 3 goals (2G, 1A) in his last 3 appearances and looks like a bonus point magnet, picking up a whopping 15 this season!!! For someone with just 6 goals and 3 assists that’s not bad… West Ham have some kind fixtures and you could do a lot worse than Lanzini this week!

Coleman has created 5 goals (1G, 4A) in his last 7 games and has 4 clean sheets in that time. The man is on fire!!! I have Baines but I’m strongly considering doubling up, they’re both guns.

Olsson was picked up by Swansea in the January transfer window, and he’s ticking a lot of boxes. 4.5, tick. Goal scoring threat, tick. Good fixtures, tick! Swansea are looking much better under Paul Clement and I really like the look of Olsson as a differential in defence. Get on board!

I shouldn’t really have to cover Liverpool’s players, they are the team to load up on this week at home to Burnley. Firmino is thriving once again with the return of Coutinho, and Mane looks like he’s nearly a must have. Can we fit in all 3? I don’t think so, but owning 2 is very much a possibility!!! I wouldn’t waste time with their defence though…

Time To Go

Sterling let many of us down by not playing a minute in their second match of the weekday, what was the point!!!!!! You can’t win with every DGW, and this one was a prime example. He’s straight out for me this week.

Phillips has been a gun selection this season, but is currently under an injury cloud (Hamstring). He has been ruled out this week and if you still own him, it’s certainly time to transfer him out!

Ibrahimovic has thrown a spanner in the works by retaliating to Tyrone Mings with a wild elbow, resulting in a 3 match suspension. You can’t be holding someone valued at 11.5 for more than one week, nevermind three. He has to go!

Finally we have the Alexis Sanchez dilemma. I don’t know what the hell is going on at Arsenal but it isn’t pretty. Considering that he’s third in the golden boot as a midfielder, I’m inclined to give him as much time as possible. With Arsenal having at least 2 more DGW’s to come, he is a triple captain threat and if he returns to the starting XI (Which surely he will) he’s still the best midfielder you can own. I’m holding strong!

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Good luck this week lads, we’re going to need it.

3 comments on “Drawing Blanks

  1. John

    Hi. Nice writing and sounds like we share many of the same toughts.
    First off, Sanchez. That filty bastard should be banned just because of laughing when his own team is loosing with handball numbers.
    But on the more serious side, on my behalf he’s out. Manè traded in instead and took a hit this round with Zlatan out, Kane in allso.
    Trying to build a valuable team/get the players to rise even more is to late. We need steady point hiters who play every match. The rest is individual on how u set up ur team.
    Personally im thinking ahead and will definitly try to trade in Gabbiadini allong side Kane and Lukaku. Midfield will most likely only be one sub next 3 rounds. Mhikitaryan is on the radar. Have spare cash from the Sanchez transfer, and i think Snoddgrass is on the way out.
    Defence i will Wait and she after round 30 considering performence. The bottom teams will be hard to face last 10 rounds.
    So all inn all medium midfield but steady players. Only Hazard in great value.
    Up front will be Kane, Lukaku and Gabbiadini rest of the season i guess.

  2. caros

    Great article mate, very helpful with some of my dilemmas. Just did a maintenance swap (had 2 free transfers):
    Out: Rondon, Sterling, Adam
    In: Deeney, Lanzini, King

    Hoping Lanzini keeps bringing some magic, he’s been fantastic lately.

    Still keeping Sanchez for this round, want to swap him for Mane, but can’t force myself to pull the trigger as Liverpool are playing against Man City away…

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