Double Gameweek Discussion

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Hello world, yes I’m still alive. From everyone at FPLaddicts we’re always appreciative of the positive feedback we get and it hurts to not be able to get the info out over the past month or two. However for many of us life has gotten in the way recently, not to mention Optus have sabotaged Australian Football. I’ll have to be honest without being able to watch many games my interest has dropped off.

That being said, it’s double gameweek time and we still have teams to manage!!! Note that Ibrahimovic and Rojo have been ruled out for the season (I had them both), whilst Valdes will also miss out. There’s a -12 for me. I don’t have enough time to go through all the options, although I’ll give you a hint. RASHFORD! Anyway…

I’ll log in to twitter and answer any questions there, @FPLaddicts.

I’ll also get to any comments if there’s anyone still around this season 😉

Hit me up with your problems or queries, I’ll share my thoughts and try to help!

Good luck lads…

4 comments on “Double Gameweek Discussion

  1. Robin

    Just activated my wildcard…

    Which combo do you prefer of the following 3 players:

    A: Sanchez, Sterling and Sane
    B: Ozil, Silva and Alli
    C: Any other combo with 27.4 to spend

    Rest of team after wildcard:

    Heaton (Pickford)
    Bailly, Gabriel, Stephens (Roberston, Holgate)
    XXX, Hazard, Coutinho, XXX, XXX
    Kane, Lukaku (Gabbiadini)

    • John

      Ho Robin.
      Hmm. Ur in a bad position with ur options.
      I would stick to Spurs players. Their gonna give Chelsea a run all the way. Steady goal scoring midfield and Kane on top.
      Having DGW in the back of ur head u dont wanna go all in GW 37 as many will do.
      On my behalf Lukaku is going out the Doors after GW 35. Everton has many away matches to come and Europa Leauge is the only goal. But a goal against Chelsea is set as most likely. Lukakus stats sucks away. So No swaps this round. Saving up a double swap.
      The plan is to have Rashford or Gabbiadini as budget target man allong side Aguero and Kane.
      Not 100% setled on my starting 11. Still weighing odds and injurys. Aguero has to be Fit allong side Kane.
      I want either Bonus Points grabers or steady goal scorers.
      So when GW 36 starts:
      Bailly, Alonso, Valencia, Jagielka-X
      King, Hazard, Alli, Zaha, X
      Gabbiadini/Rashford, Aguero, Kane
      71 Points so far this round with United-City to come. Only Bailly and Valencia left. If no Valencia then Jagielka is coming on. (Please do)
      Made my goal for top 500k. Top 150 k. Next year. If i dont f up Anny wild Cards.
      Good luck!

    • John

      Then u have everything under control then and can give me advice instead? 😉
      A good brainstorming can’t Hurt annyone.
      19 247 is a very respectable ranking.
      Annyway, good luck!

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