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The Fantasy Premier League is around the corner but the FPL Addicts team is working hard to make sure you have the inside knowledge in the final moments.

External Transfers Goalkeepers

External Transfers RyanAustralian Mathew Ryan (4.5) has joined Brighton after being frozen out at Valencia. He is a strong shot-stopper who at 25 has the potential to outshine Mark Schwarzer. That might be the Aussie coming through in me though…I would be going for Begovic and Hart at (4.5). Monitor.

The same can be said for Lossi (4.5) who has made his way to Huddersfield. Although his large frame could shape up for plenty of save points. I’m not a big fan of promoted goalkeepers (remember there is always exceptions to the rule, not in this case though). Avoid.

Ederson (5.5) made the big money move from Benfica to Manchester City, one to avoid the top bracket goalkeepers offer little to no value in Fantasy Premier League. Avoid.

External Transfers Premium Defenders

External Transfers KolasinacKolasinac (6.0) he will hit the ground running in the Premier League after collecting three goals and five assists last season. The 24-year-old is a man-mountain and is surprisingly quick as a left-wing-back. He is underpriced given his attacking returns last season. Strongly Consider.

Danilo (5.5) is likely to start the season at left-back due to the injury to Mendy. He was an attacking force towards the end of his time at Madrid, although his defending is not spectacular. He is worthy of taking a punt on to start the season given his price and City’s fixtures. Strongly Consider.

Lindelof (5.5) was brought in to partner Bailly in the long term, there is no doubt about that. Whether he can hit the ground running is another question entirely. I am looking to put my eggs in the Danilo basket and make a cheeky sideways trade after a game or two. Consider.

External Transfers Promoted Defenders

External Transfers Lejeune

Lejeune (4.5) his side looks to be the most settled of the three promoted teams, the risk is he carries little attacking threat. One to consider if you believe Newcastle can make it into mid-table. Consider.

Suttner (4.5) is an attacking left-back who contributed four goals and five assists last season for a relegated side. He is 30-years-old and plays in a similar style to Christian Fuchs of Leicester City. One of the top prospects amongst the promoted defenders. Consider.

Malone (4.5) he is a big lad the Huddlesfield central-defender, coming at the base price for a starting defender having contributed five goals and three assists last season at Fulham. It is always hard to start with promoted defenders though, he is bordering on an exception to the rule. Consider.

External Transfers Other Defenders

External Transfers Hegazi

Ahmed Hegazi (4.5) is absolutely a Pulis defender, huge, imposing, plucked from left field. I expect this guy to start if McCauley’s legs have finally called it a day (the bloke is 37!). Strongly Monitor.

Mendy (6.5) he was one of the most impressive left-backs in Europe last season and FPL Towers have overpriced him. The 23-years-old collected five assists last season in the league with zero goals. Lightly Monitor.

Jan Bednarek (4.5) I have to support the young man as he plays for my second favourite team, is polish and almost carries the same last name (a couple of letters off, closer than Bednar!). Might see the light of day if Van Dijk forces his way to Liverpool. Light Monitor.

Rudiger (6.0) is an underwhelming player by Chelsea’s high standards, is likely to be a back-up in central-defence as well as at right-wing-back. Avoid.

Charlie Taylor (4.5) should start at Burnley after transferring from Leeds United although don’t expect three assists from him this season. Avoid.

Femenia (4.5) is the back-up to Janmaat (5.0) at Watford and will only appear when injuries strike. Avoid.

External Transfers Midfielders

External Transfers KlaassenDavy Klassen (7.5) was is a strong-midfielder who has been overpriced considering six of his 14 goals were penalties last season. He will be a strong performer for Everton although it will most likely not be in an attacking midfielder role like his time at Ajax. Tough to start the season, our European Scout has doubts about his durability as well. Lightly Monitor.

Tom Ince (6.0) this guy is screaming blow-out at 6.0. Has a famous father who was an icon and he can never live up too. He has been to the Premier League numerous times and has never had the quality to leave an impact. He is playing for a promoted side again and lastly his productivity 13 goals and 5 assists are over-inflated considering his 3200 minutes of playing time. Avoid.

Murphy (5.5) he comes in at 5.5 after scoring nine goals and collecting six assists last season. I am more interested in his team mate Merino who is yet to be priced within FPL rather than spending too many words on this 22-year-old. Avoid.

Williams (5.0) put your hands up for a journeyman American who plays central-defensive midfield at the overpriced value of 5.0. I’m passing on this one. Avoid.

Roque Mesa (4.5) he has a really dirty mo, like the mo I try to grow and give up on after two weeks of my co-workers crying a little every morning. Thankfully they do not have his aggression in the workplace. 14 yellow cards this bloke is a walking basket case. What were you thinking Clement! No sense of Fantasy Premier League. Avoid (Go for Carroll instead, he won’t break legs).

Will Hughes (5.0) he was meant to be the next big thing, like that new kid at school who everyone thinks is really cool but terms out to be either a giant douche or a turd sandwich. The Butters look alike has potential to make a splash as a midfielder in the Premier League. Not as a fantasy force though. Avoid.

Bakayoko (5.0) the best news about this bloke is that he is injured to start the season so Cesc Fabregas (7.0) my favourite player of all time can put on a show for the opening month of the season. That show may not relate to Fantasy Premier League points, much like Bakayoko’s entire impending history as a PL CDM. Avoid.

External Transfers The Latest

Davy Propper (5.5) a late signing ahead of the start of the season the 25-year-old is a strong prospect with six goals and seven assists last season. The Dutch international really boosts Brighton’s midfield. Although it throws Gross (5.5) prospects into doubt. Monitor.

Choupo-Moting (5.5) one wild winger out, another in at Stoke City…he contributed 3 goals and 4 assists last season from limited minutes. Has pace to burn and could explode at times this season (if he can stay fit and calm). Lightly Monitor.

External Transfers Summary

There are some extremely interesting defensive prospects in this piece. The battle between Lindelof and Danilo will go down to the final hours in my tinkering. The midfielders covered were more of a list of who to avoid. The absence of strikers in this piece is because they are being covered elsewhere in the closing days. Keep your eyes peeled!

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      Go Rodriguez or Abraham rather than Solanke. He is a good talent but will hardly play in PL this season so is no use to your team

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