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Special thanks to Bryan Forbes from the USA for finding the time to pen this preview as a fan of Tottenham it is sure to be insightful.

Tottenham Preview

With a club that kept 91% of the same players from last year (minus Walker to City), do they really don’t want to get rid of Eric Dier (Manchester United target) and/or Danny Rose (to Chelsea or Manchester United)? Maybe. Legendary Spur’s goal scorer Gary Lineker recently praised Pochettino’s ability to keep the squad together, while supporters wonder if last year’s form can be revisited.

And there’s another problem. A big problem. Yes, they’ve kept it together, but the fortress that is White Hart Lane will not be happening this year. This year Wembley is the home pitch (with renovations happening to White Hart Lane) and that should cause even the most devoted supporter heartache. Most seem to think it’s going to impact the squad on some level, but I hope for the best. Spurs devastatingly looked terrible when playing European competition at Wembley last year and making the switch from the friendly confines of White Hart Lane is going to cost them points and probably any dreams of a PL trophy this year. There is too much uncertainty.

Additionally, will Harry Kane continue to be the goal scoring savant fantasy owners are banking on and who sank my fantasy squad several times last campaign?  Will Pochettino deliver on his recent statements where supporters are being told to expect some late signings before week 1? As I write this, there’s so little time, so many questions and so much riding on the great Spurs performance from last season.  Can they deliver again this campaign?  Let’s break down what’s happening with the squad.

Tottenham Predicted XI

Tottenham Predicted Line Up 2017-18

Tottenham Defense

Boasting the best defence in the league last year and with a world-class keeper in Lloris, Spurs should be good, right? Yet, Walker (6.5) left for greener pastures and glory with City, while Danny Rose (6.5) anxiously awaits a promised land elsewhere indicating he’s “flattered by the big boy’s interest” while being injured.  What to think? Enter Ben Davies (5.5) as a stop gap for the next couple weeks AND Dier (5.0) playing centre-back?  Waiting in the wings, but injured his newly anointed golden-boy, Trippier (5.5) who’s recent setback has exposed Pochettino’s Achilles heel and the gaping hole at right back.  Which leaves me (from a fantasy perspective) to bank on Vertonghen (6.0) and Alderweireld (6.0) to carry the back line.  As good as they are, this makes me nervous, especially if Rose gets his move.  Who do we have left, Wimmer (4.5) and Walker-Peters (4.5)? Both solid, but neither world-class.  Heck, I’d rather see 18-year old crazy talented American Carter-Vickers get some time.  Defense is solid but with a few holes that may spell trouble and Pochettino knows it.

Tottenham Midfield

With want-away Everton gambler Ross Barkley (7.5) close to signing, I know Spurs fans want to see Sissoko (5.5) go. He’s an over-priced under deliverer who never really captured the imagination of supporters. Alli (9.5) and Eriksen (9.5) will again shine and carry the squad (with Kane) while Heung-Min Son (8.0) looks to bolster last year’s efforts with his hard-charging ways that made every defence afraid of what he was going to do.  I love Dembele (5.0) for his consistent ball control, game management and smooth style, I want more from him and the oft-hair trigger Wanyama (5.0) has a tendency to pick up cards which could hurt the overall midfield flow.

Tottenham Forwards

Banking on Harry Kane (12.5) is smart, although personally, I don’t like his awkward style of play, it’s undeniable that he’ll pound home points.  The key is whether Kane can pull off the same super hero goal scoring antics he did last year.  Which brings me to back up striker Janssen (7.5).  F**king Janssen.  If Kane goes down for any amount of time, can Spurs really count on him to play like a big-boy and bang in goals?  Nervous. Very nervous.  I’m hoping for a top 5 finish this time around. If Spurs are ever to win England’s top flight again it would be with this group of players. Hoping. As usual, COYS

Tottenham Summary

Thanks to Byran for his preview of Tottenham. The Spurs open up the season with a trip to Newcastle (A) before hosting champions Chelsea (H) at Wembley. Burnley (H), Everton (A) and Swansea (H) follow as the boys in white have a mixed schedule to start the season.

This article concludes our Fantasy Premier League team previews, starting with Arsenal and finishing with Tottenham you can see where our allegiances lie.

Remember to toss those to one side as fantasy manager though. Avoid Sir Harry of Kane at your peril.

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