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It’s time to finally complete my FPL Addicts player analysis with the premium forwards. There is some serious firepower up front this season, so investing wisely will be key!

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Premium Face Off: Best of the Rest

Firmino – Firmino was a sleeper for most of the pre-season, that was until he stepped up and took a spot kick ahead of Milner. EVERYBODY PANIC! Alarm bells were going off all over the place. Is Milner still the number one taker? Did Firmino just take it because he won the penalty or is he now the designated spot kicker… It will make a huge difference. Milner scored 7 penalties last season! Firmino managed 11 goals and 11 assists, but as a forward, that won’t cut it. For comparison, Vardy scored 13 goals and 8 assists and had an ‘average’ season. If you take away Firmino’s extra point for each goal and his clean sheets, that’s 22 points lost. Sure he might pick up a few more BPS for his goals, but he’ll need to score 15+ to be a viable option. 8.5 is potentially a bargain, he’s certainly a good pick for GW1! For what it’s worth I think Milner will step up to the spot in the Premier League (if he’s on the field). Perhaps it was just practice…

Morata – There are too many question marks to select Morata in GW1. Namely, will he even start? Batshuayi didn’t exactly light up the Community Shield but neither did Morata. With Chelsea’s fixtures, I’m happy to see how he adjusts to the PL early… If he does find his feet then there’s every chance he could become a bargain at 10.0.

Vardy – Vardy had a quieter 16/17 season but still managed to create 21 goals (13 goals 8 assists). If he and Iheanacho can link up well Leicester could once again become a major threat going forward. At 8.5 Vardy is worthy of consideration as a cheeky POD. His early fixtures hurt.

Benteke/Defoe – I really should have considered the 8.0 forwards mid prices. You couldn’t call either Benteke or Defoe a ‘premium’. Defoe hasn’t seen enough pre-season minutes to be confidently selected for GW1. Benteke, however, is a great short term option. I’m not his biggest fan as he doesn’t favour bonus points and is extremely inconsistent. That being said he can go on goal scoring streaks and Palace have some nice early home fixtures. I don’t mind the Benteke selection at all!

Daniel Sturridge is also thereabouts, but really? I was getting a little excited when hearing that he was set to complete his first ever full pre-season. A fit Daniel Sturridge is a 20+ goal per season striker. Of course, he got injured scoring in a pre-season game… Says it all really.

Premium Face Off: Top 5

1. Kane

2. Lukaku

3. Aguero

4. Lacazette

5. Jesus

We all know the big 5 by now. We all should own at least 1 (Probably 2) of these 5. But who do we pick? My order is mostly straight forward.

Kane picks himself at number 1. I think he will be the highest scoring player this season and a beast captaincy option. You might struggle a little with your budget squeezing him in, but good luck during the Gameweek when people captain him and he scores 5 against Huddersfield. Ignore him at your peril.

Lukaku also picks himself at number 2. He’s a pure goalscorer. It’s not always pretty and he’s not the best footballer, but boy is he effective! On the back of 25 goals last season at Everton (Without penalties) he could go huge this season. I currently own the top 2, you’re guaranteeing goals every week.

There’s probably one big dilemma for many managers, and that is splitting Aguero and Jesus. At the end of the day, it’s Sergio Aguero. When fit the man scores goals for fun, and he will do so again this season. Pep is going on about all this ‘link up play’ nonsense. I say just go and score goals, Sergio. He will start don’t worry about that, but will he be on penalties? He has missed a few and Jesus can take them. That’s the deciding factor for me, and I think Aguero takes charge. He will be massive again.

Perhaps slightly controversially I have Lacazette splitting the two Man City frontmen. From what I have seen during pre-season he is a pure goalscorer like Lukaku. He doesn’t need a lot of touches, it’s his movement in the box that does the damage. He will be deadly inside the area and Sanchez, Ozil and the wing backs will give him plenty of supply. Laca should be locked on penalty duties and I’m expecting 20-25 goals this season. I think he’s a great pick.

Lastly, Jesus rounds out the top 5. He’s a freak, no question. He knows how to score goals and lots of them. However, penalties can’t be underestimated for a striker. For example, Aguero scored 5 last season. Kane scored 5. Milner scored 7. Lacazette scored 10 in France! It’s a game changer for strikers, who need goals to score well in FPL. If he’s on penalties then he jumps straight up to 3 for me, otherwise, I have him down in 5. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll still be brilliant! I hope he stays fit, I love watching the kid play. Expect 20+ goals if Jesus plays out the season, him and Aguero are going to be a joy to watch!

That wraps it up! Agree/Disagree? As always I’m listening to what you guys have to say! I’ll be doing a live periscope tomorrow night to answer questions and reveal my team, I can’t wait. A fully updated projected XI’s post will go up tomorrow, along with the captains of course. Get excited people!

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  1. EmGee

    One of the best series I’ve seen this one. Has me contemplating a couple of last minute reshuffles already 😉

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Abraham is my third striker if it helps 😉 Surely you know all these guys are beasts!

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    FPL Chess – mini-League code 7741-3334 : 500+ players. Everyone welcome.


    Eek! I think I’m going the Benteke route as my 3rd striker. Huddersfield (H), Swansea (H), and Burnley (A), surround a visit to Liverpool where he scores for fun. It also nicely balances my squad so hopefully I can jump on a bandwagon before GW6 – when his fixture list goes pear-shaped.

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