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Pre Season Navigator

Gotten lost in all our articles posted during pre-season? Never fear, use this pre season navigation tool to help make the final decisions on your FPL team! Hint: Don’t forget to check our Addicts league page in the menu…

Pre Season Navigator: Player Analysis

Matt has completed an astonishing amount of work to complete a comprehensive player analysis of all of the price brackets in the game.

One of the best places to look if you are unsure about those final spots within your squad. If you are on the lookout for a midfielder in the 6.0 bracket or defender in the 4.5 bracket you are in the right place!

Budget Defenders/Keepers

Budget Midfielders

Budget Forwards

Midpriced Defenders/Keepers

Midpriced Midfielders

Midpriced Forwards

Premium Defenders

Premium Midfielders

Premium Forwards

Pre Season Navigator: General Knowledge

These FPL Addicts articles have featured in international newspapers and are well worth a read to make the final decision on your team structures ahead of the season.

We will be revisiting team structures as the season evolves at FPL Addicts to see how accurate we were in the pre season. Stay tuned.

Team Structure

First Impressions

Pre Season Navigator: Transfers

Liam, Scotty and Jerome have put together a wrap up of all the transfers into the Fantasy Premier League this season.

There is plenty to think about here, well worth a read for any of those new players which you are unsure about from across Europe and beyond!

Unique Transfers

External transfers

Internal Transfers

Premium Transfers

Youth Transfers

Pre Season Navigator: Team Previews

A large body of work we wish to thank all of our writers who contributed to these pieces. FPL Addicts prides itself on being able to get real fans from real clubs to give our community an insight into all of the Premier League teams.






Crystal Palace





Manchester City

Manchester United







West Brom

West Ham

The final (Updated) Projected XI’s article will be posted tomorrow! I’ll also be doing a live periscope on twitter at 8pm WST (1pm GMT). My team will be revealed there! Good luck everybody, may the best man or women win.

14 comments on “FPL Addicts Pre Season Navigator

  1. FPL Chess

    Fabulous stuff Matt, year-in-year-out. Excellent. You’ve got a great team of writers as well, but please PLEASE don’t make us wait until tomorrow for the last episode. With a deadline of 18:45hrs in the UK, we won’t have time when we get home from work!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks for the support mate, hope our info is helping out! I’m writing the forwards now… Currently on that 1am FPL grind 😉

  2. Man U Mandem

    Hey guys just want to say thank you for all your work on yet another pre-season! It was a joy to read and we all appreciate the time it takes to write these articles. I may not comment but I read every post. Cheers and good luck!

  3. Ryan P

    As the others have already said, I appreciate your efforts Matt and equally as much the efforts of everyone else that has helped get the articles up. I am relatively settled with my current team which is unusual in FPL where there are so many possible picks. We’ll have to wait and see as to whether it ends up being good or bad!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Thanks Ryan! Appreciated by everyone here. I’m the same, I think I’ve just learnt to accept I’m not going to pick the right midpricers!

  4. templetontherat

    This is awesome and though I am not a last minute crammer for this like I am for AFL Dream Team I still love having something like this!

  5. ozgunners

    Once Again Matt, thank you and your writers for the tremendous work you guys do to provide us with valuable information to help up build our EPL Fantasy Teams.

  6. John

    Realy good stuff! Lovely to talk with other footbaholics about tacticts.
    Offcourse i made some last minute changes. Trippier naturaly had to go. In came Danilo.
    Benteke had to go, allong side Fimino….DOUGH! To make way for Jesus.
    But, in the long run im playing the nice spread tactic with good coverage in all positions.
    Only first round, but happy with the score. Steady 80.
    No changes until round two is finish.
    Jay Rod will be shown the door pretty fast unless he starts to produce some goods.
    Jesus, the City one, not Jesus Christ, im sure will gain some points the upcoming weekend.

    Fingers crossed for a 20 above average or more weekend!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Nice score John! Hard to think about the long run early doors but that’s the way to go.

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