The Captain Conundrum – GW2

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Welcome back to the Captain Conundrum. Last week’s number 1 pick Lukaku repaid those that listened with a brace and full bonus points, the rest we’re very hit and miss with only Aguero backing up for us. The POD in Alonso wasn’t my finest moment, but at least I didn’t say Gary Cahill.

Anyway, you’re here for my top 3…

3. Sadio Mane

You’d be fairly safe in picking in any of Liverpools front 3 (Philippe who?), but for me, Sadio Mane just nudges out Firmino & Salah here. In 6 appearances against Palace, he has registered 3 goals, 2 assists and a massive 15 bonus points. He absolutely loves playing them.

It could be argued that of the three, he was the one who looked a little less potent last week, but come on there’s nothing in it. A proven track record against a team who were just hammered by Huddersfield (a team promoted with negative goal difference). He could go HUGE.

They may have only scraped a draw last week, but Liverpool still scored 3 away, they will all be sharing points for fun, so stick with who you backed GW1.

2. Jamie Vardy

Remember 18 month ago when Jamie Vardy was like an annoying Jack Russell, snapping away at defenders heels and smashing in goals for fun. He was banging people who were “chatting shit” and generally being a hero.

Then last season happened and everyone was under the assumption that it was a one-off. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but last week we saw vintage Vardy run havoc against an Arsenal defence that looked more questionable than Donald Trumps morals. Brighton will be more organised for sure, but Vardy at home will have plenty of chances. When he’s hot, he’s hot.

1. Romelu Lukaku

I’m sorry.

I know there are plenty of successful fantasy coaches out there who believe in the “perma-captain” method. We even had a winner a few seasons ago that didn’t take it off Aguero. I’m not an advocate for it, but if I was then Lukaku would be first choice.

What I AM an advocate for is striking while the iron is hot. Backing up from a brace last week The Big Rom comes up against a Swansea team that allowed Southampton more chances than anyone else last week (29 shots on goal). Lukaku, Rashford and Co. won’t be as wasteful as The Saints, and Lukaku will be central to everything they do.

Swansea have never kept a clean sheet against United since they returned to the top league, and I wouldn’t be banking on them doing so this weekend. Early fixture or not, there’s goals here. Back him in again.

The Point of Difference: Steve Mounie

I’ll put it out there, I still don’t know if I rate Mounie. However he’s an absolute menace, and easily the biggest threat Huddersfield has. Even if Mounie is slightly above Championship level ability, he’s coming up against a Championship level defence in Newcastle, and he’s at home. Mounie is already a cult figure at the Kirklees Stadium and he’ll be spurred on by an excitable crowd. Those that know about Mounie know he’s a confidence player, so it’s all set up nicely for him again.

Who will be your captain for GW2?

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Best of luck for Gameweek 2 everyone!

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