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As we have liked to do in previous seasons, I have put together some of the Gameweek’s most popular questions and conundrums and sought after our writers views! Enjoy.

Mane or Salah?

Aidan: Before the season started I would have said Mane, because he’s proven himself in the Premier League. But I’m leaning towards Salah now. He seems to be on the end of more chances, and if he can improve his finishing he could score big.

Liam: I am always on the lookout for undervalued players in FPL and Salah (9.0) certainly fits the bill. At 0.5 discount to Mane (9.5) I have and will continue to prioritise the Egyptian in my team.

Bowy: This is a really tough pick, both already scoring in GW1. Salah did not have a great first half but dominated the second. For now I’d go for Mane, he’s already adapted to the PL and was vital for Liverpool last season. Salah will be important but may need some more time against the top teams.

Jerome: Salah. There might be a bit of Egyptian bias in here but I think he’s your man if you want to split these two Liverpool midfielders. With Coutinho still under a cloud, everyone at Liverpool has to stand up and none more than his replacement – Mo Salah. He had the most shots of any player on the pitch and was a constant threat when Liverpool got their mojo back in the second half against Watford. For the last three seasons Manè has produced similar returns and you know you’ll get, but at a cheaper price I think Salah will at the very least match that.

Matt: I’d nearly say both. I am a massive Mane fan, his goals to minutes ratio in the PL has been nothing short of brilliant. If he remains fit he will score 15+ goals I have no doubt. Salah looks extremely dangerous but long term I think Mane scores and assists more. Having said that, for now I’m happy to save the 0.5. Both is an option.

Do you think Mkhitaryan is likely to maintain his current role and form?

Aidan: I think Mhkitaryan can continue his early season form. He was a proven goal scorer and assist maker at Shaktar and then Dortmund. He didn’t get the minutes last season and has taken time to adjust to the league. He’ll have a break out season this campaign and will feed Lukaku often.

Liam: I believe Mkhitaryan will have a quality FPL season, he’s another player who is of high quality and is undervalued within the game. ‘Mkhi Watch’ was a regular in my articles last season. It is his time to shine. Shattered I did not have him GW1 opting for Zaha and Phillips. Yuck.

Bowy: Personally I think Mkhitaryan is going to be very important for United this season. In my opinion the biggest difference this season for United is Matic. Due to his presence in midfield players like Mkhitaryan can turn their focus more offensively. This will also help Mkhitaryan to maintain his current form and role.

Jerome: Yes, he looked full of confidence and back to the player he was when he won Bundesliga Player of the Season just two seasons ago. Will he keep his role? That remains to be seen, he played a brilliant game as the number 10 in-behind Lukaku. The doubt is Herrera. If he returns to the team Pogba could start further forward, pushing Mkhitaryan out wide. With the team’s performance so convincing on the weekend, I think it remains the same. I’m tipping him to maintain his form!

Matt: Oh Mkhi you’re so fine. I’m not willing to bring him in as it would require point hits and a re-structure, but at the moment he’s odds on to come into my team when I wildcard. He looks back to his best which has always been floating in behind a number 9. He should score very well as long as United keep the same system, and for now I can’t see anything changing.

Is Ramsey a good swap for Zaha?

Aidan: I’m hesitant about Ramsey. Firstly, he didn’t start against Leicester, and secondly I think he’ll play a more defensive role in midfield. If Lacazette, Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck and Giroud are in attacking roles, it will be hard to squeeze in Ramsey. Despite West Ham’s ordinary start, I’m considering Ayew as Zaha’s replacement, based on his FPL success at Swansea and West Ham’s upcoming fixtures.

Liam: Yes, I have opted for the Welshman in my midfield as a replacement for Zaha. He has looked great in the 3-4-3 formation over the pre-season and end of last season. Stoke are also an extremely average outfit. Strongly Consider.

Jerome: Yes, Ramsey should return to the starting XI after his substitute appearance against Leicester and will presumably take on the role that saw him feature in many FPL teams a few years ago. If he does so, he becomes gold at just 7.0m.

Matt: Twitter has given me several headaches today. I am seeing WAY too many people suggesting Ramsey might not start next week. Even the thought that he isn’t in Arsenal’s best XI suggests that person doesn’t follow the Arsenal very closely. I’d nearly say he’s the first man on the teamsheet behind Ozil and Sanchez with Wenger’s new system. I had to get this off my chest. Xhaka and El Neny is below poor, and Coquelin is lucky to be playing professional football. Ramsey is vital to Arsenal’s 3-4-2-1 system and it suits him perfectly, as his recent form suggests. So yes, he will start. Will he score well? I’m also saying yes. He’s the furthest advanced midfielder behind the front 3, often making late runs into the box. He will be great value this season, I’m sure to bring him in with my wildcard! IF he doesn’t get injured before then…..

Who is your tip for the golden boot?

Aidan: If Aguero starts all season, he will have to go close. When he plays he scores, and I think he’s the best finisher and the hungriest striker in the Premier League.

Liam: Lacazette! Very much the hopes and dreams of an Arsenal fan right there…. Romelu Lukaku (11.6) will snag the golden boot this season for me.

Bowy: My tip for the golden boot is Harry Kane, he may have blanked GW1 but that won’t last long. In my opinion he had a good game (Until the crucial final touch), he was dangerous and is sure to start taking his chances.

Jerome: Got to be Lukaku, he looked sublime on the weekend – albeit against West Ham – but nevertheless he looked absolutely wicked. He’s the main man in a team that boasts so many good passers of the ball and with his lethal finishing, he will put a lot in the back of the net. I think he’ll end up around the 30-goal mark, at the moment there is nothing to suggest that he won’t.

Matt: There are so many options. Aguero’s fitness always costs him but he will score plenty. Lukaku looked dominant, but his failures against the big teams standout. Kane is the best finisher in the League (Even though he didn’t show it GW1) and will take it for a third season running in my opinion!

Are you taking any hits this week?

Aidan: Like many I started with Zaha, and as mentioned above, I’m looking at Ayew to replace him.

Liam: Yes, I am sitting on -4 at the current time having gone Dawson (5.0) to Hegazi (4.5) and Zaha (7.0) to Ramsey (7.0). Phillips to RLC was on the cards and Zaha to Mkhi but I didn’t have the balls to go -8 this morning. No shame in taking hits, especially if you have structural issues and the trade has medium to long-term benefits for your squad. De Bruyne (10.0) to a Tottenham midfielder (9.5) is my planned trade for next week with Phillips (6.0) making way for RLC. Hoping Gabbiadini (7.0) doesn’t blank at West Ham and destroy my plans. Always try to think two to three moves ahead in FPL.

Jerome: Yes, I’ve already taken one bringing Mkhitaryan in and I’m looking at taking another to heartbreakingly get rid of Zaha (most likely for Ramsey). I’m worried Zaha’s going to fall in price and I don’t want to be stuck with him at 6.9m so I might have to take a -8 point hit in the first week of the season.

Matt: Amazingly, no. I talked a big game pre-season, and by Sunday night I was sitting there about to pull the trigger on a point hit (to transfer out Harry Kane). Madness. In the end I was so close to bringing in Mkhitaryan for KDB and grabbing Ramsey, but past seasons have taught me some lessons. The GW1 highest scoring team is never the highest scoring squad in GW2! Only take a hit if you see a player you think is nearly a must have, and I haven’t seen anyone fit that bill yet. Just Gradel to Atsu for me. Patch up your errors, don’t trade your guns.

11 comments on “Q&A Gameweek 2

  1. EmGee

    Ramsey is coming in for my Zaha replacement today before his (Zaha’s) potential price drop. I made a late swap pre GW1 from the former to the latter due to Ramsey’s injury cloud but it seems parity has inevitably been restored 😆

    I have noticed a lot of chat around the traps about KDB being high on the trade out list after the one blank. The front runners for the premiership this year at this early stage look like the Manchester clubs and City have been pretty much scoring at will ALL pre season. On another day that Brighton game could easily have ended with 4 or 5 goals. Then the De Bruyne outlook would have been completely different

    • Liam

      Good point EmGee. I am look at where I can save cash. Doubling up on KDB and Aguero is a dangerous game, you are relying on them both to return within the same team.

      • EmGee

        Yep understand that for sure! It definitely can be risky business especially if City dont find the back of the net. And that’s a big chunk of team funds tied up (20%!) if they arent returning. I’d be surprised if City dont score in every game with that attack though, often multiple times, especially those first 6 game weeks while their schedule is relatively quiet – but if they do misfire or are subject to rotation it certainly hits harder with a double up.

        City seem to have the ideal mix of fire power and creativity at this stage so the chance of overall returns increases. I guess from there you just have to play the odds and hopefully nail the player(s) that will grab the FPL points (similar to the dilemma with Liverpool’s attack).

        I currently have both KDB and Jesus. I myself may reassess too if they both end up with blanks again but I’ll try and resist pulling the trigger as long as I can. The long term game is the one to play with these types of assets. Here’s hoping for an immediate swing in fortune!

        • Liam

          Its nice to have you back on board in the comments section mate with smashing opinions like this!

          I have no Tottenham coverage and I think Alli/Eriksen can score a very similar total to KDB across the entire season.

          I held off on initial Tottenham investment given the first two fixtures looked tough. They would have struggled to win against Newcastle with eleven men in my opinion.

          Team value is really important to me at the start of the season. You can pinch underpriced players at every turn and are well placed to jump on quality bandwagons.

          All that said Mkhi is perhaps the most underpriced player in the game at 8.0 or above and I don’t currently have him #poorstartingstructure although then I would be doubling up Manchester United players…

          • EmGee

            Thanks Liam, sounds like we’re in quite similar positions! I don’t have Spurs coverage (yet) either and Mkhi is almost priority 1 to come into my team next week or the following.

            Spurs coverage will be essential by the Swansea game (GW5?) as their run from there is very juicy.

            I’d ideally like to have Kane and KDB with my current lineup but alas it’s a work in progress for now haha.

            Great outlook re team value it is critical to build that first half of the season

          • Liam

            Do I spend four points to bring in Mkhi after in hindsight wasting four last week. Very tough call, Matt has made a good point that Mkhi could be 8.5 by the middle of next week.

  2. greenninja15

    No trades at all for me, banking 1 for next week. Started with Hegazi & Mkhi. Kane in my team and if KDB blanks again will be Alli or Erikson

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