Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 2 Review

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Wowee, welcome to gameweek magoo of the Fantasy Premier League season as Liam reviews all of the action from the Premier League.

Gameweek 2 Review: Advantage United

Gameweek 2 Review Lukaku and Pogba Swansea parked a Mou Mou shaped bus at the Liberty which came unstuck when big bad Bailly (6.0) ransacked Fernandez (4.5). The big Argentine looked like he was hailing a cab as Bailly railroaded the ball into the back of the net. Mourinho went to Dr Zaius levels with his substitutes although I think Swansea might have been sold the Monorail.

In the eyes of this amateur analyst, the game state had changed, advantage United. Swansea was chasing a goal, on came pace and power and boy oh boy THE POG was on FIRE! Solid 15-point haul for the Frenchman. Onya Paul! 8.1 is looking a snip for Pogba and Mkhitaryan (8.1) very much the same although I wouldn’t expect them to towel teams four zip every week…

Lukaku (11.6) went all Cantona with the celebration mate, settle down champ the king is coming back. Long live King Zlatan! Phil Jones (5.0) is doing his best impressions as a defender at the moment and looks a real steal. He is short in stature, looks slow as fuck but has favourable fixtures. I can see him hanging onto a first-team spot with both hands until legit striker runs rings around him. Buy.

Gameweek 2 Review: Capoue Returns!

Capoue Gameweek 2 Review Watford clinched a 2-0 at Dean Court thanks to an absolute humdinger from Capoue (5.5). Mate, you were meant to have used all of those up last year!

Andre Gray (6.5) looked a handful and the 19-year-old Brazilian Richarilson (6.0) also looked solid on the left wing. He has ‘goal sense’. Monitor.

I have confidence in Watford’s 4.5 defenders over a decent run of fixtures. Britos looks like a solid option. Kiko for those who know Janmaat will be injured as soon as he gets back into the team.

Gameweek 2 Review: Tony P in the House

Tony Pulis Gameweek 2 Review Pulis came, saw and conquered with a 1-0 win with 10 men against Burnley. The reverse-reverse swing was in play at Turf Moor as HAL Kanu scored before being sent off.

West Brom somehow kept a clean sheet, they love these cheeky little runs at the start of the season. Hegazi (4.7) will hopefully hit the fabled 5.0 before I seek a new adventure elsewhere.

Thanks for the cleanies boys! Seriously I would be wary of holding onto West Brom defenders too long. Let them ride out the fixtures and jump on the next best 4.5 GK and DEF in the coming weeks.

Gameweek 2 Review: Southampton on Social

Southampton really knows how to take the piss. I can’t get a shot on target ‘Gabbiadini’ scores with a left foot shot from a tight angle. Tadic ‘I can’t take a penalty’ scores with one-off Joe Hart’s foot, directly down the middle.

Souths then let Chicharito score a couple of cheeky tap in’s before Zabelta ‘my legs are well gone’ gifts another penalty to the Saints.

Mark Noble was kind enough to let Charlie Austin know about Joe Hart’s little secret to clinch a 90th-minute penalty.

Ripping little interview with ‘no knees’ Austin after the match. Arnautovic (7.0) showed us the first glimpses of his angry streak which is sure to ruin the West Ham dressing room. Didn’t quite top this tweet from the chairman though. Fantasy conclusions from that rabble who fucking knows! I would hold whoever you had in that particular match, well besides Arnautovic…

Gameweek 2 Review: I stay up all night to get Mooyst

Mooy Gameweek 2 Review Promoted teams, you don’t touch them with a 10-foot pole, especially those with a tiny wage budget, a negative goal difference who scrambled through the playoffs. Oh, wait… Aaron Mooy with the goal, one, two, didgeridoo to get on the scoreline. What a moment for the Australian!

Priced at 5.5 he will be one hell of a good ride over this favourable run of fixtures before they go all Blackpool and shit and die in a hole of difficult fixtures. Let us be honest, he likes playing well against a fellow promoted team, Palace is rubbish and Newcastle had plenty of chances to score.

Gameweek 2 Review: Matt ‘Damon’ Ryan

 Matt Damon Gameweek 2 Review

Mat Ryan (4.5) lost to Leicester City after gift wrapping Okazaki the first before flapping at the second. His days look numbered in the Brighton goal. Harry Maguire (5.0) has a big head on him, likes to get forward in the box. Is a solid option at that price. Their fixtures are average though so look elsewhere. Light Monitor.

Harry Maguire (5.0) has a big head on him, likes to get forward in the box. Is a solid option at that price. Their fixtures are average though so look elsewhere. Light Monitor.

Gameweek 2 Review: Liverpud

Gameweek 2 Review Ruben Loftus Cheek RLC!, RLC!, RLC! He will be the 5th mid of choice before long. Start preparing those wild cards because this boy means business. Salah didn’t and started on the pine with Mane grabbing another fine goal off a defensive error. Moves like lightning and thinks like it too. Quality player.

Salah (9.1) takes it for me in the long-term vs 9.5 Mane. That budget will go nice elsewhere lads. Salah was unusually wasteful in his first match and still reached double digits. Keep the faith lads. Hold.

Next Arsenal lost to Stoke, Next! FFS Ramsey (7.0) had a fair amount of efforts on target. Butland (5.0) saved everything… PSG loanee, Jese (6.0) OOP pulled Nacho’s pants down and gave him a wedgy whilst rolling the ball past Petr who better Cech himself before he wrecks himself…The result is worse than my pun…

Gameweek 2 Review: Simply the Best

Oh boy oh boy, I love Tottenham at Wembley. Can’t find their way out of a wet paper bag at Wembley the old lily whites. Lel.

Kane has gone walkabout in August, post hitting doesn’t count as a goal Harry you dirty mouth breather. Karma is a bitch after judo-chopping Lejeune (4.5). You should have been four weeks on the sidelines with that effort you mug.

He would have put Matt out of his misery as an owner of a 12.5 lump a week early.

Bat-Shit scored a hilarious OG after Alonso thought he was Hazard before Alonso thought he was Hazard again.

Hugo Llores thought he was in WWE for the match winner, making sensational efforts to fake contact with the ball in dramatic circumstances.

Summary Gameweek 2 Review

Homer Gameweek 2 ReviewGot to have a bit of fun to stay sane so they say, hope the magoo review wasn’t too much for y’all.

Pop your questions about all of the players and things in the comments below and I will get the Buy, Strongly Consider, Consider, Hold, Monitor, Avoid scale out, or happily discuss football in a more, um serious manner.

Or if you wish to discuss Man Citieh vs Everton and your trades drop us a line, I will be checking the comments section within a couple of hours of the end of the match.

13 comments on “Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 2 Review

  1. Boner Contention

    great stuff Liam…even if I now have to check on who you were actually taking about…hahaha

      • Boner Contention

        Dr Zaius, Monorail, Nachos, Bat-Shit, are the main ones I had to check. I really need to keep up with this EPL stuff. Nicely done mate.

        • Liam Post Author

          The first couple were Simpsons references not related to players. Nacho is Nacho Monreal of Arsenal. Batshuayi I called Bat-shit, I made the terrible nickname up. I actually rate him as a player, was because he scored an own goal this week.

  2. Philip

    Really considering Jesus to Firmino and getting Alonso in. Hard for me to keep ignoring what’s essentially a midfielder that qualifies as a defender on a quality side. Thoughts? I didn’t see the game, but I surely wasn’t inspired by Jesus coming off at halftime.

    • Liam Post Author

      Aguero is the locked forward for me at City. I think it is a wise to re-allocate the funds away from Jesus but they could put Bournemouth to the sword this week.

      Alonso’s role will change with Hazard in the side, chasing points is a grim game.

      I think both of your trade ideas are fine, offering an alternative perspective above but ultimately I encourage you to back your own judgment.

      So few games into the season little is known at this stage. Firmino looks to be on penalties and looks underpriced slightly.

  3. John

    Danilo will have another chance. Especially now when Walker is out. KDB is out. Silva is in. And, Jesus, u prick, get the steppin! Aguero is doing a strong comeback this weekend alongside Chicarito and offcourse Lukaku on top. It’s the same with City as with United. People say 8-0 goal difference and 6 points against West Ham and Swansea is ok, not superb but ok because of the opponent. They havent been tested realy. But how about City then?
    In term of picking FPL players neither KDB or Jesus is worth the price tag. They should have picked more points. Aguero have more chances, Silva is more often seen arround the box and Danilo came in and did well against Everton last night. I took a hit to do my final changes and im guessing over the next two rounds that will give back with interest. I was hoping for a higher above average score but 10 above average is still ok.
    When it comes to cleansheets in FPL it’s hard picking points in the back. WBA and Southampton have been lucky, especially WBA who easaly could have gone the other way.

  4. EmGee

    Liam I haven’t seen a Team America reference in years, love that haha!

    Man City though, yuck. Just my luck that I doubled up on their attack. 🤦‍♂️
    The Walker red today influenced both the game and Pep’s substitutions but they had better start producing quickly

  5. Lachie

    Great article Liam.

    JWP, KDB and Jesus to Chica, Eriksen and Ramsey worth the -4?

    KDB playing deeper than I’d like (not sure how much Walker to blame) and Jesus obviously has competition, while Chica is the main guy with quality fixtures.

  6. John

    Go for it. Jesus will be benched against Bournmouth. Im confident about that.
    Eriksen is a must in midfield.
    Ramsey on the other hand…not to sure about that one. U got Willian?
    Im not the bigest Ramsey fan so maybe not the right person…

  7. John

    Stats for potential Cap on Saturday:
    Lukaku against Leicester:
    09.04.17, PL: Everton 4-2 Leicester (two goals)
    07.01.17, FA-cup: Everton 1-2 Leicester (one goal)
    26.12.16, PL: Leicester 0-2 Everton (one goal )
    07.05.16, PL: Leicester 3-1 Everton
    19.12.15, PL: Everton 2-3 Leicester (one goal)
    22.02.15, PL: Everton 2-2 Leicester*

    *Mark Schwarzer as keeper for Leicester

    ● Either Lukaku or Aguero get’s the band this weekend.

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