The Captain Conundrum – GW3

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Its Gameweek 3 already, time sure does fly when you’re having fun… Or not as the case may be. Underperforming premiums, a constant questioning of our own ability to pick a team and a seemingly unpredictable set of results are making the start of this season a torrid time for some.

You’d be having a less torrid time if you were reading this article every week, and left the ‘C’ on Lukaku over the first two gameweeks. Vardy let a few down last week, but solid Sadio gave us two great picks from the top 3. Slightly different feel this week, we’ll still have the top 3 and our POD, but we’ll review the best of the rest too.

3. Chicharito (vs Newcastle)

He’s back, and some would argue a very surprising inclusion into the top 3. Nobody can say I make this generic! Yes, I love the little Pea and although he plays for an awful mess of a team, he’s looking as sharp as anyone. Talk about positioning, there’s nobody who is in the right place at the right time more than the man they call Javier, or Chicharito, or Little Pea…

Fascinatingly in his Premier League career he’s averaged a goal every 130 minutes, making him the 7th most prolific goal-getter in EPL history. In his whole career he averages one every 119, so yeah, he finds the net.

The most tantalising thing about this though is that he’s playing the one team less organised than West Ham, Newcastle. Newcastle have looked as exciting as a conversation with James Milner so far, so West Ham will have chances, and he’ll be in the right spot when they come.

2. Christian Eriksen (vs Burnley)

I’ll address the big chinned Englishman in the room. This should be Harry Kane, but I can’t put my reputation on the line and recommend him, not in August anyway. There are no returns from Harry yet, and although this is the best fixture to see that change, I can’t pick a captain that’s given us nothing so far.  Whether it’s August, Wembley, the weight of his gargantuan chin, something doesn’t ring right with Harold.

One man that has looked superb for Spurs in Eriksen, he’s the one player I most regret not taking from day 1. Admittedly I’m worried by the Wembley issue, a team like Burnley won’t play their often, could really could step up. It’s a big “if” though.

Eriksen is valuable because he NEVER gets booked, will likely get the clean sheet point and is a bonus point magnet. With 3 assists and 5 bonus points already, he’s not going to score a hat trick but will accumulate under the radar. Plus, it’s Burnley, yeah they can spring an upset but when you look at the fixture you get an immediate fantasy erection. In four years he’s fantasy output has increased each year, he’s on track for a 250 point haul this year, so I believe you cant win your league without him.

1. Romelu Lukaku vs Leicester

Look, I know this is boring. It’s not what I wanted to do every week when I took on this article, but what can I do? Lukaku has 3 goals in two games, and is guaranteed to play 90 minutes… and 90 minutes is very important at United, given most of the goals come after 80 minutes.

Then there is ownership, creeping close to 58% now, you can bet the majority of them will throw the ‘C’ on him, so if you haven’t had the best start, play it safe with your captain.

United wont score 4 every week, and Leicester are better than Swansea or West Ham, but it’s still Leicester City (let’s forget they actually won the league recently, they’re a mid-table team) at home. I promise that soon we’ll have a new number one pick, but for now, a lone striker in a free scoring team, at home to a bang average team, is a must.


Given I’ve already put two “POD’s” into the top 3 picks, I really have to stretch myself here, and I will. Patrick Van Aanholt is probably the most outrageous pick I’ll make all season, but this is the fixture for him. The fixture is the big one, Swansea at home. PVA has taken over 70% of corners so far this season for Palace and is playing the team that has conceded the most corners, potential attacking output there. Swansea are also in the bottom 3 for converting chances, so potential clean sheet bonus their too. I’m aware of just how bad out a shout this could be, but if you truly want a POD to claw yourself up the rankings, it could just pay off.

Best of the rest.

Pogba/Mkhitarayan – Two of the most traded in assets this week for good reason but I’d have Mike (it’s just way easier to type Mike) over Pogba. Yeah, Pogba is racking up points for fun, but only when Fellaini is on the pitch, and I can’t be an advocate for Fellaini being on a pitch, so Mike gets my nod, he’s essentially a second striker on occasion. Could easily get goals and assists this week.

Aguero/KDB/Jesus – Throw a blanket on them. I’m an Aguero owner and I’m worried. He looks off the pace to me but the fixture that will make or break him is this week against Bournemouth… would I pick him this week though? Nope. This week is likely to be KDB’s, in a week where unbelievably he’s one of the most traded OUT players he could be a huge point of difference. It’s a risk though given how shaky City have looked, but if I did a top 4, he’d have made the list.

Best of luck this week, who will you be putting the ‘C’ on? Let me know below and open up the discussion!

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2 comments on “The Captain Conundrum – GW3

  1. Jerome

    PVA sitting there with ‘SWA (H)’ as his fixture this weekend has been teasing me all week, I really, really want to do it and seeing him even mentioned in your article is making my fingers twitch to making him captain. Then again I was ready to give him the C against Huddersfield at home and look what happened there… Although it’s a different story, I still don’t know if I could do it. My balls are about the size of a raisin when it comes to fantasy stuff in general.

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      I’d take my hat off to anyone who did it. Could easily be the best call you make all year. Do you have the balls?

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