Q&A Gameweek 3 + Live Periscope

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Ahead of gameweek 3, our writers and FPL experts were posed some more popular questions. Included are their answers, plus I did a periscope to discuss my wildcard. Check it!

1. Myki or Pogba, who is your preferred option?

Matt: I almost want both, just to save myself having to answer this question for my team. I’m taking Mkhi thanks to his starting role. Pogba has contributed 3 of his 4 goals after substitutions, meaning Matic and Fellaini have been the holding midfielders, pushing Pogba forward. Can we really rely on late contributions? Tough call. Both are value!

Jerome: I prefer Mkhitarian, simply because we know that short (and possibly long term) that he will be starting and playing in a purely attacking role. Against sides that might trouble United, Pogba may have to play a defensive role. Maybe I’m thinking completely rubbish and he plays how he normally does. Either way, we can’t keep banking on Fellaini coming on in the 80th minute to ensure some attacking returns for “La Pioche”.

Scott: I have neither, I want one and I still don’t know which. Pogba has more shots in the box (5 compared to Mhki’s 1), but Mhki has been playing further forward than Pogba. The main struggle is Pogba is more likely to play the full 90 minutes than Mhki. However, due to Pogba’s points coming later on when the games have already been one I think Mhki may be the better option.

Julian: My first trade was Zaha > Mkhi. Both are great options in my opinion, but Pogba will only thrive if he is allowed more attacking freedom. Case in point when Fellaini came on against Swansea.

2. Are you / would you recommend holding KDB or would you be moving him on?

Matt: After watching him against Everton, I’d be moving him on. I’m certainly not saying he won’t be a good scorer. However 10.0 is too pricey for someone capable of dropping deeper and becoming City’s playmaker. I’m not sure he will justify his price tag ahead of some other midfielders.

Jerome: Funny this, I’ve actually just traded him out myself (to Salah), but it may come back to bite me. Fact is, City haven’t been the scoring machines that we all thought they would be pre-season. KDB hasn’t shown me anything in those two lacklustre games to suggest that anything will change dramatically for him. All his stats are down from last season (except shooting – although he has only hit 2/7 on target). There’s probably better value to be had elsewhere at the moment.

Scott: I have KDB and will be holding onto him for one more week. Bournemouth is a good chance for City to score well if they can find their rhythm. However after Monday’s game against Everton, seeing KDB sitting as one of their deeper players even when Everton were down to 10 men, coupled with 2 consecutive blanks means that £10.0 price tag has him on his last chance.

Julian: As an owner myself, I will consider him for one more week. The return of Hazard is very appealing after the International break, so he’s on notice.

3. After two wins and favorable fixtures to come, do you see Fantasy value at Huddersfield?

Matt: Based on the first two games, absolutely. Long-term, my head is telling me no. Their defence has been solid granted, and short term with their nice fixtures it might be worth a punt at 4.5. Ince will be inconsistent, as will Mounie. Mooy has been brilliant but I still don’t see him as a great Fantasy player. A pass for me.

Jerome: No, we saw the same sort of performances last year from Hull who had most pundits thinking they would get relegated as well. Their performances were brilliantly convincing for the first few games, with players like Abel Hernandez and Adama Diomande starring and gaining significant attacking returns – enough to gain FPL coaches’ attention – while looking very dangerous. They then failed to replicate these performances for the vast majority of the season. I’m personally going to wait for a few more games to pass and then reassess and see how they are faring.

Scott: I transferred Mooy in for Iwobi last week and it paid off. He’s impressed me in the first 2 games but I don’t think he will be a long term option. Mounie started with a bang so he will be interesting to keep an eye on. Other than those two I would look at Lowe for defensive coverage.

Julian: I certainly do. They look quite organised and have impressed me so far. Mooy and Mounie look to be decent picks for the time being.

4. Are you rushing to trade in Marcus Alonso (7.0)? What is your stance on him as an FPL option?

Matt: Yes, yes I am. I stupidly avoided him due to Chelsea’s fixtures, then he goes and scores 2 away to Spurs. Not only is he on direct free kicks, he’s basically a winger. He’s as good as any 7.0 forward or mid out there.

Jerome: I am severely hoping that he doesn’t rise in price this week as I have the intention of bringing him in next week during the international break. Most of the competition steered clear of the Spaniard and his hefty price tag but I think his performance against Tottenham on the weekend reminded us all why he was a mainstay in so many FPL defences last season and the rush has started to bring him in. As the season progresses I think the 7.0m price tag will be justified, so I’ll be looking to – hopefully – bring him in next week, that’s for sure.

Scott: He is definitely in my plans. I had him nearly all of last season but went Willian over Alonso for my Chelsea coverage. After his performance against Tottenham I think it would be foolish to overlook him. It is a hefty price tag for a defender but I think he’ll provide more returns than any 7.0 midfielder so it’s a price I think we have to pay.

Julian: Good option for his price in general, but not a fan of stacked defences myself. That being said he has a wicked left foot, especially from free kicks. Will monitor for the time being.

5. What (If any) trades are you making this week, and are you taking any hits (Or wildcarding)?

Matt: Most will know by now that I’ve triggered my wildcard. Classic. Check my periscope for more details! Let’s just say I’m seeing plenty of value in midfield, enough to deter loading up on your forward line… Hold the faith in Kane though!

Jerome: This week I’ve gone De Bruyne to Salah and Dunk to Hegazi (taking a hit) which I think is for the best. Hegazi looks like going up to 4.8m this week with so many people jumping on board. If West Brom keep another clean sheet next week, he might even go up again so I wanted to get a piece of that. Salah against Arsenal’s shaky defence this week in what is usually a very high-scoring encounter was also very enticing. Admittedly ‘Pool do have some fixtures that will test them in the upcoming weeks against other top 4 hopefuls, but I’m confident in Salah’s ability to weather that storm.

Scott: My players all have favourable fixtures this week so I think I’ll be banking my transfer. My next transfers will probably be to remove a combination of Benteke, Willian and KDB. Kane is tempting to remove but with his stats the last 2 games I think when he does score he’s going to blow up. Sanchez returning could force a lot of wildcards soon.

Julian: I’ve traded Ward-Prowse out given the doubts on his game time, and replaced him with Mooy. Huddersfield have good fixtures and Mooy is on some set pieces, so 5.5 seemed like good value. Not having Lukaku has hurt me so far, so wildcarding is definitely an option in the near future.


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      • FPL Chess

        Your’e welcome Chris. You might not know the web address without joining, so it’s FPLChess.net – I’ve even tweaked it slightly (improved it). In previous years I had links to all your individual writers’ articles – I think I need to resurrect that – based on the standard you’re now producing.

  1. Viper086

    Thoughts on Jesus? Will he start this week? Hold or Trade? I feel like man city are close to exploding but Jesus just doesn’t look quite right

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Given he has already dropped in price, I’d give him one more week away to Bournemouth.

    • Chris Jones

      great at turning water to wine and healing the disabled, I’m fearing he’s not as viable fantasy option as we all thought. I’d hold for now though, he looks sharper than Aguero for sure

  2. templetontherat

    So glad I listened to your advice and didn’t dump Alonso and dumped Sane instead. I think Daniels to Hegazi is going to be my transfer this week.

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