The Captain Conundrum – Gameweek 7

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Welcome back to The Captain Conundrum for Gameweek 7.

Overall this season is turning into one of the most fascinating in Fantasy memory. We have 5 or 6 forwards all capable of bagging 25+ goals this year, the biggest conundrum we face is picking the correct ones in the team, once you’re there you can safely throw the ‘C’ on any of them.

This year I’m opting with a rotating 2nd forward alongside Lukaku, so based on a favourable fixture I can own any one of Aguero, Jesus, Kane, Morata or Lacazette. All I’m doing is making sure whoever I bring in has 2 strong game weeks, so if I need to use a trade for an injury, I’m safe. Have to admit, it’s a pretty fun way to play, risky as hell though.

I notched up a very solid 90 points last week, moving me up 800k in places which goes to show how bunched together a lot of people are! I even managed that despite the heartbreak of owning Alonso and Mendy… That’s all I’ll say on that.

Last week our top 3 picks of Aguero, Kane and Lukaku all came up trumps. In truth, any premium forward would have done the business for you… Except Jesus, stay away for now.

OK, let’s take a look at this weeks contenders!

Lacazette (or you are the guy who owns Sanchez, then him) – Brighton (Home)

Realistically, if you are one of the mental few that own Alexis Sanchez, this is the game you will test him out on. He didn’t look great against The Baggies, but still managed to nearly score a hat-trick and hit the bar, West Broms defence is miles better than Brightons. It’s the kind of game Sanchez can score 9 in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We are here to talk Lacazette though, who’s already scored 4 at The Emirates against “lower” teams. Yep, his shots per game is horrible viewing, but this is the game he will get chances in, he’s clinical and always in the right spot, eventually he’ll get his 7 shots in a game, and big scores will follow. Not sure he’s ready to perform against the big boys, but lock him against this weeks opponents.

Harold Kane – Huddersfield (Away)

He’s away from ‘home’ which means he’s going to score, he ALWAYS scores away from home. Despite without his mates Dele and Christian he scored a Champions league hat-trick mid-week, showing our favourite huge chinned fantasy prospect can look after himself. Sure he was playing against a team of plumbers, teachers and farmers, but it’s 3 goals. AWAY. Harold is giving us the best Home & Away storyline since Angel managed to leave her wheelchair to marry Shane, just after being hit by Alf Stewarts car.

Romelu Lukaku – Crystal Palace at Home

I’ve written enough about the majestic beast known as Romelu, so I’ll keep this section the opposite of his penis (allegedly)…. Short.

It’s Crystal Palace – LOL.

He’s the number one option, unless you are one of the below people

  • Flat Earth believer
  • Harold Kanes mum
  • Vegan

Aguero & Morata – Vs each other

This could be any score from 0-0 to 7-7. Sure they are both on fire at the moment, and you’d probably have to make a choice if you had none of the above mentioned players. I’d go with Morata personally, historically City have struggled at Chelsea, but this City team are shitting on history.

Just avoid, it’ll cause too many headaches.

Top 3 

3. Alexis Sanchez

2. Harold Kane

1. Romelu Lukaku

The Punt

A lot of people are already trying to get a climbs up the ladder by gaining cheap points for a point of difference Captain. Last week’s shout of Mendy would have reaped bug rewards for a lot… sigh.

This week if you’re taking this option, you need a player in great form, low-mid level ownership against a team that has no clean sheets yet. Step up Jamie Vardy against Bournemouth.

Traditionally Eddie Howe’s men are good at home, but our very own Matt Craig was bang on when he told me recently that most goals will come away from home. Teams are opening up a lot more at home and with Bournemouth’s leaky backline, Vardy (3 in 3) can go pretty big in what will likely be a big scoring game from two teams who will believe they can get a win.

Who will you choose? Good luck for this weekend!

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7 comments on “The Captain Conundrum – Gameweek 7

  1. John

    First Mendy then Aguero. I only had Mendy but add the Jones injury and that messed up my save a transfer plan. Mendy out, Valencia inn. Lacasesse as backup for Jones. Im quite possitive both teams will score in the Newcastle match. But im setting Liverpool to win with a goal or two. 1-3 as my tip.

  2. John

    Chelsea- Man City last 10:

    27 Oct 2013 Chelsea v Manchester City W 2-1

    03 Feb 2014 Manchester City v Chelsea W 0-1

    15 Feb 2014 Manchester City v Chelsea L 2-0

    13 Sep 2014 Manchester City v Chelsea D 1-1

    31 Jan 2015 Chelsea v Manchester City D 1-1

    16 Aug 2015 Manchester City v Chelsea L 3-0

    21 Feb 2016 Chelsea v Manchester City W 5-1

    16 Apr 2016Chelsea v Manchester City L 0-3

    03 Dec 2016Manchester City v Chelsea W 1-3

    05 Apr 2017Chelsea v Manchester City W 2-1

    • 29 Goals, 2 Draws, 5 Chelsea Wins, 3 City Wins.
    • Chelsea has only one win away on last 10.
    • 3,6 Goals pr.match on last 5 games.

    So, subjectevily i see todays late kick off ending in a draw because of the last weeks injurys. City could have had the edge with Aguero and Mendy Fit.
    I guess my money is on a over 2.5 goals to full time.
    And my guess is a 2-2 draw.
    Still, it’s gonna be a treat.


  3. John

    Manchester United – Crystal Palace stats last 10.

    30 Nov 2011 Manchester United v Crystal Palace L 1-2 League Cup

    14 Sep 2013 Manchester United v Crystal Palace W 2-0 Premier League

    22 Feb 2014 Crystal Palace v Manchester United W 0-2 Premier League

    08 Nov 2014 Manchester United v Crystal Palace W 1-0 Premier League

    09 May 2015 Crystal Palace v Manchester United W 1-2 Premier League

    31 Oct 2015 Crystal Palace v Manchester United D 0-0 Premier League

    20 Apr 2016 Manchester United v Crystal Palace W 2-0 Premier League

    21 May 2016 Crystal Palace v Manchester United W 1-2 FA Cup

    14 Dec 2016 Crystal Palace v Manchester United W 1-2 Premier League

    21 May 2017 Manchester United v Crystal Palace W 2-0 Premier League

    • 21 goals, 8 Man United Wins, 1 draw, 1 Palace win.
    • 2,1 goals

    Considering Uniteds last two managers, Palaces 7-8 (!?) and the Squads that will be starting today i see no other result then a steady United win.
    My money is on ballsy above 3.5 goals to full time. The Palace Squad is packed with injurys on regulare starters, United have some as well but home advantage and still good dept on the midfield gives them the edge.

    If livebetting my money would be on Lukaku to score before half time, Rashford to score to full time.


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