The Captain Conundrum – Gameweek 8

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Welcome back to the Premier League break, where International footballers return to their clubs for pointless games for a couple of weeks before they return back to their International teams…. Or is it the other way around? Hard to tell.

The biggest tip I can give you is don’t read anything at all into this break, it doesn’t matter that Hazard scored against a team of bakers, he’s not a must have now. It doesn’t matter if Jordan Henderson is Englands only centre midfielder, he’s still a terrible footballer. We can’t all rely on Tim Cahill or Leo Messi to get us victories in our head to heads.

We can however all laugh at The Netherlands and United States. Now, on with the show.

Alexis Sanchez Vs Watford (a)

Will he be benched for jet-lag? I would doubt it, Arsenal need to play their best player. Sure, he did get benched this time last year then exploded, but Arsenal were looking much better than they do now.

A case could be made here for Lacazette, but Sanchez is THE man, and at this point Lacazette will only be allowed the scraps that Sanchez doesn’t want. Alexis had 8 shots last gameweek, his head is in the game, and if you’re one of the growing number of people to have brought him in, you’ve done so because you can stick the ‘C’ on him in games like this.

Watford have never even managed a draw against Arsenal at home, and with their troubles at the back I’d be expecting at least a victory by 2 goals.

Eden Hazard Vs Crystal Palace (a)

Ok Ok… above I said he’s NOT yet a must have because he scored against a team of bakers. Then I saw he was playing Palace, who isn’t as good as a team of bakers. He won’t make my top 3 but with Morata out, Hazard is primed to play just behind the striker, will be on penalties and everything will go through him… Going to be scary.

Palace on the other hand couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat which brings me onto…

Alonso vs Palace (a)

Chelsea will keep a clean sheet here. There’s a guaranteed 12 points if you throw the ‘C’ on Alonso. We also can’t forget how damn good he is away from home; he’s twice scored two goals away from home in the past year and Crystal Palaces wing backs are laughable. Palace will defend, and when that happens Alonso will be given a licence to roam.

Harold Kane Vs Bournemouth (h)

England’s very own Tim Cahill comes up against the team who are 2nd last on the ladder – Check

England’s new Alan Shearer has scored 3 braces already this season – check

England legend Harry Kane has a home fixture – NOPE

Nope… We’ve been down this path before. He plays his most fantasy relevant games away from home; all of his braces are away from home so you can’t safely have him. You really, really, REALLY want too, but you can’t. Look, I know you all will… Hell, I’ll probably do it, but we need to stand strong together.

The one you want is Eriksen, who is scoring for fun this year, under the radar and actually has fantasy returns at home.

Closer each day, Home & Away.

Romelu Lukaku Vs Liverpool (a)

For all Liverpool’s attacking prowess, at the back they resemble a baboon’s anus, barely functional, and fascinating to watch because it’s both intriguing and disgusting… The same reason people watch ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, or midget porn, or why I’ll likely watch my wife give birth.

Sure, there’s a very good chance that Liverpool score 4, but who really cares when Lukaku could score 5? The very worst case scenario would be that Romelu does exactly what he does every bloody game, and score only 1. Job done.

A Man City player vs Stoke (h)

Let’s forget this nonsense about City being average at home. They’ve won their last 4 matches with a goal difference of +17… and Stoke have skeleton staff in defence at the moment.

Let’s also forget the heartache a lot of us felt when this fixture took place in a double game week last year, and ended 0-0.

Who do you go with though? Jesus is the obvious pick, their only top drawer striker in Agueros absence, but travelled and could well be rested… because he’s their only real option.

Raheem Sterling is another choice, he’s scoring, is part of a front three and being the confidence player he is, could excel. Sterling is no Leroy Sane though, Sane is better, also scoring for fun and seems the one likely to get the nod up top if Jesus doesn’t play. Is he the best option though?

Answer: No. David Silva is. He’s the one attacking threat that plays most minutes by a mile, has 6 assists in 4 games and received 2 bonus points in each game. He will thrive in a game like this.

Top 3

3. Marcos Alonso

2. David Silva

1. Harry Kane (yep, I’ve broken already)


1. Alexis Sanchez


1. Harry Kane – definitely Harry Kane, with warning.

No point of difference this week, because there is plenty above… But if I had to choose one, then Jamie Vardy at home to West Brom is my pick!

Who will you go with, let us know below! Good luck

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14 comments on “The Captain Conundrum – Gameweek 8

  1. John

    United to win 3-1 away. Klavan sees a red card, Two yellows, for holding Mhiki and making a handbal inside the box. Lukaku scores on the penalty and a header, i guess Rashford the third.
    All inn all with nothing to loose Silva for cap. City to win 4-0 as usuall. Silva two assists

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      Great insight as always John (below comments)

      You’ll get some pretty good odds on what you’re suggesting, having a flutter?

  2. John

    Stats on last 10 City – Stoke matches:

    01 Jan 2013 Manchester City v Stoke City W 3-0 Premier League
    26 Jan 2013 Stoke City v Manchester City W 0-1 FA Cup
    14 Sep 2013 Stoke City v Manchester City D 0-0 Premier League
    22 Feb 2014 Manchester City v Stoke City W 1-0 Premier League
    30 Aug 2014 Manchester City v Stoke City L 0-1 Premier League
    11 Feb 2015 Stoke City v Manchester City W 1-4 Premier League
    05 Dec 2015 Stoke City v Manchester City L 2-0 Premier League
    23 Apr 2016 Manchester City v Stoke City W 4-0 Premier League
    20 Aug 2016 Stoke City v Manchester City W 1-4 Premier League
    08 Mar 2017 Manchester City v Stoke City D 0-0 Premier League

    ● City has won 6, 2 draws, 2 loses
    ● City has won 3/5 at home, with a 8-0 goal difference
    ● The previous 10 gives 2.2 goals pr.match
    ● City has consided 5 goals.
    ● 5 Cleansheets

    Verdict: City to win +2.5 and with a cleansheet.

  3. John

    United – Liverpool stats last 10 matches:

    25 Sep 2013 Manchester United v Liverpool W 1-0 League Cup
    16 Mar 2014 Manchester United v Liverpool L 0-3 Premier League
    14 Dec 2014 Manchester United v Liverpool W 3-0 Premier League
    22 Mar 2015 Liverpool v Manchester United W 1-2 Premier League
    12 Sep 2015 Manchester United v Liverpool W 3-1 Premier League
    17 Jan 2016 Liverpool v Manchester United W 0-1 Premier League
    10 Mar 2016 Liverpool v Manchester United L 2-0 UEFA Europa League
    17 Mar 2016 Manchester United v Liverpool D 1-1 UEFA Europa League
    17 Oct 2016 Liverpool v Manchester United D 0-0 Premier League
    15 Jan 2017 Manchester United v Liverpool D 1-1 Premier League

    ● United has won 5, 3 draw, 2 losses.
    ● 2.1 goals pr.match
    ● United as won 2 away matches
    ● United has scored 3 away goals

    Verdict: High possability that it comes down to a goaless draw or 1-0 win to United.. Red Card (not in stats but i know the history)
    Pretty similar injurys in both camps brings this no a no go on cap.

  4. John

    Stats on Spurs – Bournemouth last 5: (only played 5)

    16 Feb 1957 Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur W 3-1 FA Cup
    25 Oct 2015 AFC Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur L 1-5 Premier League
    20 Mar 2016 Tottenham Hotspur v AFC Bournemouth L 3-0 Premier League
    22 Oct 2016 AFC Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur D 0-0 Premier League
    15 Apr 2017 Tottenham Hotspur v AFC Bournemouth L 4-0 Premier League

    ● 17 goals.
    ● Spurs Won 2 at Home with a 7-0 goal difference.

    Verdict: A Blurnemouth team that don’t park the buss against a Totenham side that likes to attack as well. My guess is a 3-0 win to Spurs. The game Kane comes out of the home closet?

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      If you have him, I think you’ve made a risky but great choice. People forget he was the top fantasy guy last year!

  5. Boner Contention

    Ok Jonesy. ….now you are talking my language. Not having him could be Hazardous to your fantasy health from this week on….booohahahaha. That evil dude Sanchez price tag is a killer sadly, might have to wait to the xmas WC reset

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      Yeah that’s where my head is at too. Hoping he takes 8 weeks to get going…. ouch.

      Nice pun. I’ve always got time for puns, I Kante-ver think of any though

  6. templetontherat

    Thinking of using my wild card.
    Current XI: Foster (Fabianski)
    Jones, Alonso, Hegazi, Kolasnic (Naughton)
    Jese, Salah, Mkhitaryan (Stephens, Mooy)
    Chicarito, Jesus, Lukaku

    I was thinking of getting Kane in among many others but seeing what you just said about his performance at Wembley I am having second thoughts. Interested to hear your thoughts as right now I am considering keeping Alonso, Mooy, Salah and Lukaku and changing the rest.

    • John

      Kane is not a businessman he is business man. In the long run it’s run and buy. My money, for real, today is on him scoring.

  7. John

    For the moment the math is easy. Without Kane, trading him for let’s say…Jesus? And upgrading one of my 5/5,5 midfielders to let’s say Sterling or ho ever in the 7+/8 range…im gonna gain more points. Kane is offisialy sold. I dont care if he scores 3 next weekend or not. Realy don’t. Pscycic vice im in a much better place now.
    That unrealighable duche is out.

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