The Captain Conundrum – GW9

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Welcome back to the most inconsistent captains column on the interwebs. Last week we went in hard with Alonso & Kane… and many, many others went with Lukaku. Then City scored 7 and now we’re all scrambling to fit as many City players in our teams as possible. Then we all make early transfers, because some of you idiots believe price changes matter, then Aguero comes back ready to play and we have no idea who will play and our teams have gone to shit… Or maybe that’s just me. I’m still in the top 500k, just, so I need a big week. It all hinges on the captain conundrum. Seamless link.

Manchester City Players – Burnley (h)

Gabriel Jesus Should be the number 1 pick by a country mile, right? Rule number one of Captain Conundrum club is that your Captain must play. “Chris you dildo, surely they won’t drop him after a 7-2 win”. Pep can, Pep probably will. Pep has shown he has a preference to play the guys with EPL experience in a physical game like this. Add to that, the fact that Aguero is well rested and Jesus has been covering ground for fun, Jesus could actually start on the bench… Yep, unlikely but still, can we trust Pep 100%? Let’s talk about Sterling, Sane, Silva & KDB. The first two are the latest fashion accessories that Fantasy managers are saying are ‘must haves’, essentially Sane is a lip-injection-filler and Sterling is a tribal sleeve tattoo. Both have had their day, and will do a job when called upon, but you can’t realistically think they’ll be flavour of the month every single month. Personally I’d prefer the safer option of a solid plain white shirt (Silva) or a solid pair of jeans (KDB), both safe and functional, and if done right work brilliantly together.

Harold Kane vs Liverpool (home)

This is a huge conflict of interest. On one hand, you have the baboons anus that is Liverpool’s defence, yet on the other hand, Harry Kane will never get a recommendation from me when he plays at home… Ever. There’s more chance of a baboons anus remaining clean, than a large chinned Englishmen scoring at Wembley. Look, I know we’re ALL tempted. Remember last week? Don’t do it.

Alvaro Morata vs Watford (home)

If there is one thing we know from Chelsea, it’s that they come back with a bang after humiliating defeats. Hazard is looking sharper, even though he’s less advanced than we would like. It plays into Morata here against a Watford team who are genuinely exciting to watch. No bus parking here, they’ll play for a result, they’ll be open and there will be goals. Given the uncertainty of many other big guns, if you held Morata, you did so for games like this.

Romelu Lukaku vs Huddersfield (away)

Over the past two weeks, over 150,000 absolute cretins have traded out the big fella’. Thirty Five thousand of which have done so this week. Yep, United are sandwiched in between some shocking games… but it’s Huddersfield away this week! Away games are seeing some huge scores as ‘smaller’ clubs look to open things up at home so Lukaku could easily score 2 or 3 here. Last week he was limited by the tactics, yet still had an absolute sitter that he missed. United will play to win and he’ll get chances. Keep him in for this week alone.

Top 3

3. Kevin De Bruyne

2. Alvaro Morata

1. Romelu Lukaku

The Point of Difference

I’m all about striking whilst the iron is hot, and the hottest thing at the moment is anyone vs Stoke, who pretty much have the kit man and the receptionist at centre back. They welcome Bournemouth who are improving every week and underlying stats have them in the top 6 for chances created over the past 4 gameweeks. Last years hero Josh King is looking great value as Eddie Howe loses faith in Defoe, and with a lot of big guns with question marks… Let’s remember last year!

Who will you go for this week? Good luck!

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4 comments on “The Captain Conundrum – GW9

  1. John

    Good stuff. I think a Huddersfield side that is most likely done for the season should provide Lukaku and United with the most needed room behind the defence line. And therefore im backing up your toughts on Lukaku 100%.
    Lukaku aint no Andy Cole. Lukaku needs room to work in and it’s a perfect physical game for just that. If so, Even if he scores one im a happy camper. No matter what he get’s the C.
    Huddersfield’s right and left back should allso have a handfull Saturday.
    If Mourinho does his thing they will keep a tidy defence and second half they will grind Huddersfield to pieces.
    And by saying Huddersfield is done for the season i mean they wont survive based on a sesame street Squad and plenty matches yet to come. By Christmas im guessing they are rock bottom.

    Tip: 3-0 (Lukaku double and Rashford)
    Money vice:
    Most goals scored in second half.
    Lukaku to score full time: yes

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      It’s strange – Lukaku is seemingly the forgotten man at the moment, which is ludicrous.

      • John

        Romelu Lukaku’s stats against top 6 vs lower placed teams:

        ● Vs Top 6, games: 58
        Top 6 Goals: 15
        Average: 0.26

        ● Vs lower p.t: 137
        Lower p.t: 77
        Average: 0.57

        Who is Lukaku scoring the most goals against? He has nine goals in 11 games against West Ham United, his most against any Premier League opponent, as well as eight in 10 against Sunderland and six in eight against Aston Villa, both of whom now play in the Championship.

        He also has scored five goals in four games against Bournemouth — though four of those were in one game, a 6-3 victory by Everton on Feb. 4, 2017. The only other team he has scored more goals against than games played is Reading, with three goals in two appearances in 2012-13.

        (And a hattrick against United in Fergie last match, May 2013)

        So far 2017: ( only 9 matches)
        Top 6 games: 1
        Goals: 0
        Average: Not countable

        Lower placed teams: 7
        Goals: 7
        Average: 1

        Verdict: One goal or more Saturday

  2. John

    Last 10 Head to Heads on Huddersfield vs Man Utd seems like a waste of time.
    They havent playd since the 70’s. And last time Huddersfield Won was in 1952.
    The same year Queen Elisabeth and Mr.Potato Head made their faces public…..

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