The Captain Conundrum – Game Week 13

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I’m back, bringing you the hottest tips for captains. Apologies but I was away last week, so deal with it. I would have advised Salah though…. Honest.

Gone are the days we can have a perma-captain. Kane has more blanks than returns, Aguero can seemingly injure himself in any situation, and even the likes of Sanchez and Hazard have constant question marks over them. We do have plenty of options though, and this becomes tougher write each and every week.

Leroy Sane vs Huddersfield (a)

Right now, you simply shouldn’t have Aguero or Jesus in your team. That’s a very bold call but given Pep this week said that due to injuries, they both can’t play together, but they will play. What does that even mean? To me, it means rotation and substitutions. Don’t risk it.

In that same press conference he said that he needs to play one person, one person who can stay wide in City’s new 4-at-the-back formation. That man is Leroy Sane. At this point your only guaranteed starts in an attacking sense are him at David Silva. After that, any one of Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Aguero, KDB or Jesus will battle it out for two spots.

Lastly, City score lots away from home… LOTS. Sane is fresh and on fire at the moment. Lock him in.

Mohamed Salah vs Chelsea (h)

4 goals in 2 matches for a midfielder? That’s captain material. Salah is top of most fantasy lists, and is THE fantasy player to have. Incidentally, I’ve never had him…. FML. But there are two things that make this a very interesting pick.

  1. Liverpool are unbeaten at home, only conceding one goal, and scoring 12
  2. Liverpool LOVE playing the big teams at Anfield


Chelsea are a much tougher ask than Southampton, they’ve even kept 4 clean sheets in a row, but if anyone can break them, Liverpool look to have the pace to scare them.

However, we all know the mess of a baboons anus that are Liverpool, so….

Eden Hazard vs Liverpool (a)

He’s back, and one of the most traded in people this week. A lock on penalties and no longer playing wide, but right behind a forward, everything is coming through him, everything. He’s a better pick this week than Morata in my opinion, purely down to Liverpool’s clumsy back line and lack of defensive midfielders that can lock Eden down.

Harold Kane vs West Brom (h)

We all love Harry, right?

We all think Harry could score 7 against WBA, right?

We all remember that je is playing at home, and it never works, right?

Right. Don’t do it, there are too many good options this week.

Paul Pogba vs Brighton (h)

Yep, I’ve gone with Pogba over my true love Romelu. That’s because this season, Brighton aren’t leaking goals to forwards, their biggest defeats are 2-0 losses, with Dunk & Duffy doing an amazing job at locking down forwards. Opposition goals have come from midfield 78% of the time in their past 12 months.

Pogba has the HIGHEST points per match this season at 8.6, only Salah & Aguero get anywhere near him. Yep, he’s been away for a while, but numbers don’t lie, when he plays United score, and he’s always involved.

Wilfred Zaha vs Stoke (h)

I’m so confident in this one it’s not even my point of difference. Zaha is in the form of his life, and under Woy, has been given a licence to run. Benteke back shouldn’t affect anything too much, he’ll still be in and around the area during attacks, and still be playing up the field, the only difference is that now he has someone to pass too.

Stoke actually have people at the back now, but are still leaky. They have good solid defenders, but really struggle with pace, they’ll all want to mark Benteke, leaving Zaha free to terrorise them.

Top 3 this week!

3rd – Paul Pogba

2nd – Wilfred Zaha

1st – Leroy Sane

The point of difference – WHO AM I?

One guy has been under the radar of late, probably because at one point he was our hero, then last season became our villain.

This guy already has 6 assists this year, and two goals and until he played a top team last week his form line read 7.75 points a game!

He comes up against a team who recently lost their manager.

Answers below please!

9 comments on “The Captain Conundrum – Game Week 13

  1. KeziahKane

    Captained Hazard last week so I’m going out of the box again and putt the arm band on Erickson whom I think will have umpteen room centre of forward and will be instrumental in atleast 7-8 chances in the box making him a reasonable Captaincy choice with either multiple assists and scoring chances on numerous occasions imo

    • Chris Jones Post Author

      it’s a very good shout. But at home, I just don’t trust Spurs. I’m an owner though so I hope I’m wrong!

  2. templetontherat

    Not sure there is going to be post for captains and transfer suggestions for the matches starting tomorrow. So I have some questions.
    Current team:
    de Gea (Fabianski),
    Alonso, Daniels, Ward (Trippier, Naughton)
    Stephens, de Bruyne, Salah, Richarlison (Mooy)
    Diouf, Kane, Vardy

    Should I used a transfer this week. Current captain is de Bruyne and current vice is Salah, should I change that. And would you play Trippier vs. Leicester or play Ward or Daniels?

    Also thanks in part to excellent advice in this site. I’ve gone from ranked 2.8 million after GW-9 to 29,705 after this past game week

    • Carlos

      Ward and Daniels are going against each other this round, and Tottenham is very good away. I would bring in Trippier, and then depends who you think is going to win, Burnley have been playing better, but Bornemouth’s form has picked up. I’m going with Ward.

      Captain – hard to tell, De Bruyne has played most of the minutes, but this is a short week so he might get Pep’d and stay on the bench, and Stoke can be a tricky opponent. Personally, I would go with Kane – all of his double figure weeks have come in away fixtures.

      Transfer – Chelsea, Spurs and Burnley seem to have a good set of fixtures over the next few weeks, so I’d look there 😉

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