About Us

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FPL Addicts was originally designed for people who are addicted to Fantasy Premier League originating from Australia.
It has developed into a global team of Premier League fans providing top level knowledge on Fantasy Premier League (FPL) to improve your overall rank and enjoyment of the game.
For the poor souls who stay up until all hours of the morning, bleary eyed following games across the other side of the world.
It’s for people who email back and forth at work, bitching about their teams, about their captain choice, predicting the next star player.
So come in, relax, share your knowledge, gloat! All we talk about here is FPL…. don’t worry about REAL life….. wives, girlfriends, work, neighbours… They will only cause you pain.

Please enjoy what our community has to offer, you can contact us directly via Facebook, Twitter or via email at [email protected]

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