Addicts Leagues

Addicts Classic League: 68260-274773

We’ll be releasing some private leagues where you can take us on over the next 24 hours, keep an eye out!

H2H League 1: 68260-499490

H2H League 2: 68260-570676

Cash League

We will also be running a cash league competition once again this season. The plan is to start with one big classic league, then split into tiers based on who has score the most points in the first half of the season. The top 10 will compete for the Premier League title and the major prize, the second 10 for the championship etc. This will mean more prizes and more chances for people to win, even if they have a bad start! Email us if you’re interested, we’re likely to start in GW2…


5 comments on “Addicts Leagues

  1. rosco72 says:

    Looking forward to it, good luck this year guys.

  2. chopyouup says:

    Just tried to join the head to head league but it is full 😦

  3. Bods Gooner says:

    Can’t get either of the H2H codes to work!

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