The Captain Conundrum – GW9

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome back to the most inconsistent captains column on the interwebs. Last week we went in hard with Alonso & Kane… and many, many others went with Lukaku. Then City scored 7 and now we’re all scrambling to fit as many City players in our teams as possible. Then we all make early transfers, because some of you idiots believe price changes matter, then Aguero comes back ready to play and we have no idea who will play and our teams have gone to shit… Or maybe that’s just me. I’m still in the top 500k, just, so I need a big week. It all hinges on the captain conundrum. Seamless link. Read More

Fantasy Premier League Preview – GW8

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Sorry it’s a late preview again this week, a new job hasn’t left me as much time for Fantasy lately but it’s great to have our Saturday nights back! A massive thanks to Blunty for helping out with the info, the predicted line-ups should be back next week. If you’re interested I’ll be doing a pre lockout Periscope around 30 minutes before the Gameweek 8 deadline. See you there! Let’s get into the preview! Read More