Gameweek 15 Review

Reading Time: 17 minutes

It’s great to have Jerome back with the reviews! If anyone is still around, that’s loyalty! We run this site out of our love for FPL and it’s all voluntary, so of course when life comes knocking things can get difficult. Personally I haven’t had the drive or passion for FPL lately. Whether that’s because Optus ruined my PL experience or my team just sucks, either way I’m not going to force articles out for the sake of it. Having said that I’m still actively following my team and I’m sure a time will come when I get back to penning some thoughts! For now, enjoy Jerome’s review turned preview… Read More

GW11 Review

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Thanks to Rob Kirby for taking on the GW11 Review in the absence of Jerome.

Good luck with your exams Jerome, looking forward to another monster review after the international break!

Enjoy Rob’s review, a tidy weekend read. I certainly laughed on a few occasions – Liam –
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The Captain Conundrum – Gameweek 10

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Welcome back. Let’s address the elephant in the room… Yes, I told you all to avoid Harry Kane and go with Lukaku. I got it wrong. Several of you ignored me completely and jumped onto Man City players. YOU GOT PEP’D… I warned you what would happen.

An extremely average 57 point haul last week saw me climb 20k in places, this week is an incredibly tough one to judge. On with the show. Read More

Fantasy Premier League Review – GW9

Reading Time: 22 minutes

We are back again for another heart-breaking and disappointing week of Fantasy Premier League. A shock loss to newly crowned Premier League favourites Crystal Palace (damn) to go with a few more upsets throughout the weekend.

It was weekend for players of low ownership, with 14 players at 1.0% ownership or less (before the start of the weekend) earning themselves a goal or assist, with a further 11 at 5.0% making up 25 of the goals or assists out of the 36 goals scored and 29 assists made over the weekend… Not how it’s supposed to go. We’re here to discuss if any are worth our time. Let’s get stuck into it!

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The Captain Conundrum – GW9

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome back to the most inconsistent captains column on the interwebs. Last week we went in hard with Alonso & Kane… and many, many others went with Lukaku. Then City scored 7 and now we’re all scrambling to fit as many City players in our teams as possible. Then we all make early transfers, because some of you idiots believe price changes matter, then Aguero comes back ready to play and we have no idea who will play and our teams have gone to shit… Or maybe that’s just me. I’m still in the top 500k, just, so I need a big week. It all hinges on the captain conundrum. Seamless link. Read More