Captains – Round 12

Not a bad round last week for the captain’s article with RVP, Fellaini and Berbatov delivering the goods although Baines continues to be a thorn in my side. There looks to be a few good options this week also but will they be good enough to oust perma-captain RVP? Let’s take a look. Continue reading


Captains – round 11

Time once again for a lateish edition of the captains. Being laid up at home with the new baby I haven’t had much time to think about much; the horses, football and general life has given way to crying and sleeplessness; but even so last weekend’s round was so horrendous I still had time to dwell in the misery of it. Anyway let’s get to this week’s impending misery…. Continue reading

Captains – Round 10

Time once again to have a look at this week’s captaincy options. As was rather generously pointed out to me by Matty today my picks have been a little below par of late but I disagree! It has only been Cazorla who has been rubbish! Everybody under him has been rolling in points, your Mata’s, Hazards, Bales, Ba’s all of them! So what have I learnt from this? Never captain Cazorla again… period. So what do we have this week? Continue reading

captains – round 9

Another week goes by, time for another captains poll. There does seem to be one recurring theme with captains this year… RVP is almost fail safe, if ever there any doubt whatsoever about who you want as captain, just pick him. With that being said we will still have a look at the options around the place this week but I’m not going to beat around the bush, there are very few options . Continue reading

Captains – Round …umm what round is this? …8

The dreaded week off has passed us by; hopefully all of your players came though the internationals unscathed. To be honest we all know it’s a bit hard to predict form after a week off but I’m doing it from even further back having been in the baby bubble for the past week, so on a count of this I may have players listed here that could be injured unbeknownst to me, if this is the case forgive me this week only! OK let’s get to it.
Continue reading

What have i learnt

Once again the international break hits… a fortnight of boredom! Although for me it couldn’t have come at a better time… my baby boy is due today so it looks like I’ll be out of action for a week or 2 until the dust settles a bit.  i.e til the girlfriend forgets home much pain she just went through and i am allowed to resume normal fantasy football and website services….

Til then stick with the boys, they will keep the regular articles coming although it may be a touch quiet for the rest of this week.

Don’t trade too much during the break (like i usually do) and come back next week refreshed for the season to continue!

I’ll see in you a few weeks… wish me luck!