Festive Wrap


By now we should all be just about recovered from our Christmas food coma, hopefully the festive fixtures helped the food go down easier. If maybe the fpl gods let you down, the epl ones certainly didn’t, the Christmas fixtures were full of surprises, entertainment and a few special goals. I’ll give a quick run down of how each team went in there two games, with a focus on their key assets as per usual. Continue reading


Gw 16/17 Wrap


Apologies lads for the absence, I have and still am travelling through North America. I’m writing this whilst I sit in Boston airport en route to Canada. So Merry Christmas to you all, here’s your Christmas treat! It’s better than underwear at least, I will provide with you a little wrap of the last two weeks and a preview for what’s ahead. Continue reading

Full Time GW 15

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.29.04

Apart from my defence and goalkeeper earning me a grand total of 7 points my week was O.K. with a slight drop in the rankings to around 60k. Having Ighalo or benching Mahrez seemed to be the big differentiating factors this week, lets have a look who else succeeded, as well as those who didn’t. Continue reading

Full Time GW 14


It was another pretty high scoring Gameweek, with lots of 60 plus scores, however looking at a few leagues there was a big range of scores. Many lost out big after taking a hit and then copping 2 points from captain Aguero. In fact I know one manager traded out De Bruyne and Vardy for Aguero and Gosling, Ouch! I found it ironic that I talked about a need for more PODS last week and then Moreno (4.6% ownership) and Begovic (2.1%) got me 9 and 8 points respectively to give me a score of 80, in the process propelling me up almost 50 000 places to 46 000. However, it’s not as glossy as it may seem, Courtois looks likely to return this week and Sanchez could be out for up to a month. Enough about me let’s have a closer look at another entertaining week. Continue reading

Full Time GW 13

Britain Soccer Premier League

It was well and truly a week for the regulars this time out, with the likes of Mahrez, Ozil, Kane and Lukaku all firing. It gave me what I thought was a pretty good score of 64 but only some very small green arrows, which has brought a theme to this week’s article; PODS. It seems to me that after a very crazy start to the season people have slowly adjusted to having a team they can be happy with. However, this has created a lot more ‘template’ teams with people a little less comfortable branching out and bringing in those POD’s ( roughly <5% ownership). I think I speak on behalf on a few of us when I say I have plateaued in recent weeks. I personally have floated between a high of 65k in gameweek 8 and a low of 96k after last week. Continue reading

Full Time – GW12


It was a very odd week with a mixed bag of performances from the popular picks in our teams. This inevitably led to what appeared to be a pretty vast range of scores, with the captain choice being a distinguishing factor. Surprisingly a score of 50 pushed me back in the rankings from 85k to 95k. Let’s see who did us proud and who let us down. Continue reading

Full Time GW 11


Things were a little back to normal this week as we returned to high scores thanks to goals from all the popular options up front. In midfield Mahrez reminded us why he deserves a starting spot in everyone’s squad whilst De Bruyne didn’t’ disgrace as the captain favourite with an assist. Lastly Arsenal and Man united both delivered another clean sheet, making it 3 in 4 for both sides. As usual let’s take a closer look at each game. Continue reading