(the New and Improved) Worth It or Flash in the Pan?

They say a week is a long time in football. But two weeks with nothing but European qualifiers on at ridiculous times of the morning and some countries who don’t deserve to qualify is hell. The Dutch missing out gave me a ripple of excitement, but recording Gibraltar when I thought it was Germany was a lowlight of my International Break. I need some football!

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International Wrap Up

**UPDATED: Tuesday afternoon, 14th October**


Too often you have to go hunting far and wide to catch a whiff of news from International matches during these frustrating breaks. I’m going to try and wrap up all the Fantasy relevant news from major tournament Qualifiers and Friendly International matches from the weekend. We’ll go team by team so strap in because there is big news ahead…

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Worth it or Flash in the Pan?

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What a week. To those who held firm with and captained Aguero, you legends. You have the whole international break to look at those 50 points. Just sitting there. Chelsea continue to play as well as the ratings for The Apprentice, while Manchester United’s tactic of not playing first halves somehow backfired – who would’ve thought. Wouldn’t have thought Mahrez would like the cougars, but he must have cracked onto Ranieri’s wife… or mother… to find himself benched. Gosling last week was a cheap benchie option to get some $$ to upgrade. So this week I’ve chucked in a few “For the Bench” and focussed only on important players you want on your field. Meanwhile, there were some studs and names straight out of nowhere. Who’s a flash and who’s worth it? Continue reading