Writers wanted!

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We love writing articles for you guys, but last season things got a bit tough. Having just 3 contributers led to a burn out of sorts, personally it resulted in the decreased quality and frequency of my articles. It’s good to be back refreshed! At this stage Nick, Baysie and myself will continue to contribute this season, but we need your help! Anyone interested in contributing articles can email us at [email protected]

We have a few ideas for possible articles, of course if you guys have something on your mind then you can refresh us with something new! All ideas are welcomed, and of course there’s no pressure. You write when you feel like, and if you can’t write for a week or two it’s not a problem.

There are spots for weekly contributors, but we’re also more than happy to post for you as a guest. If you feel we haven’t covered a specific issue, put together a one off article you’d like to write and send it in! I love hearing your ideas. We look forward to enjoying a massive season, bring on GW1!

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