FPL has re-opened for the new 2015/16 season! You know what that means. 30 days of counting down, a thousand team changes and plenty of team discussion! While the pre-season articles will continue until the GW1 deadline, this RMT post will remain here in the home tabs. Feel free to join the discussion at any time and share advice on each other’s teams! The authors will join in the discussions as well. Feel free to ask any other questions on our twitter/s, accessible down the right of the page. Good luck to one and all, now get planning!


337 comments on “RMT’s

  1. george021 says:

    Thoughts on this first team attempt would be great:

    • george021 says:

      GK: Cech (Federici)
      DEF: Alderweireld, Cedric, M.Richards (Francis, S.Taylor)
      MID: Hazard, Ozil, Depay, Milner, Cabaye
      FWD: Costa, Benteke (C.Wilson)

      • baysietoff says:

        Lucky first!!! Worried about Alderweireld and the dozens of centre backs Spurs have. There was a lot of rotation last season there and I’d expect that to continue to a degree to keep up morale. I’m thinking Milner will play quite deep compared to at City so may not be worth the 7m… Depay is a risk @ 8.5m considering all the other mids in that price range, but could be a great pick. Villa’s defence will NEVER be relevant with Sherwood in charge! Love the team structure… May well be going with 5 mids myself.

  2. Mitchy ryan says:

    I feel Henderson at 7m is a lot better option. Not sure who is going to be penalty taker at Liverpool but I think it’ll start with the captain

  3. Heath says:

    Ok I’ll bare my bones 🙂

    Stekelenburg (Myhill)
    Fonte, Clyne, Mertesacker (Coates, Bassong)
    Silva, Oscar, Henderson, Tadic (Mahrez)
    Kane, Wilson, Rooney

    A few notes:

    – Have loaded up on Southampton players. Their first 5 fixtures are a dream. Solid defensive record. Forster out injured until Xmas so Stekelenberg looks value.
    – Clyne looks value to me esp from an attacking point of view
    – No Hazrad or Sanchez in mid. I believe Silva offers better value. Had the same Goals + Assists tally as the other two last season (24) but 1.0-1.5 cheaper.
    – Oscar gives me Chelsea exposure with a budget price compared to Hazard
    – Henderson looks value at 7.0 considering there is no Gerrard and he will take penalties. LFC away fixture last year was great with 7 clean sheets I believe.
    – Wilson solid cheap option up forward. 24 goals in championshsip last year. This years Ings?
    – Apart from week 1 Spurs fixture is great. Kane is a lock.
    – Rooney to play in favourable Fwd position as lone striker atm. Should see lots of goals.

    • Heath says:

      Just to add quickly. Hazard and/or Sanchez will eventually be in my team. Just I think better value exists elsewhere to start with. Also I may consider Cabaye instead of Mahrez as I have 1.5 left over and I like Palace’s attacking game plan. Only problem is their fixture and lack of clean sheets.

      • baysietoff says:

        Don’t mind it, perhaps a risk or two more than I would have gone with but it would all be too vanilla then! Just the two thoughts; 1) I reckon Clyne plying is trade at Liverpool now diminishes his value quite a bit? They did have a great defensive record in the middle part of last season but around it they were just terrible. I see how he’ll be good in attack, but it’s tough going relying on defenders for attacking points. 2) Be careful with Oscar’s continual rotation just like last season, I get the feeling he isn’t a Mourinho type of player… 8.5m is a lot for someone who won’t start every game. If I’d make any suggestions it would be downgrade Clyne to a 5.0, and bring in Fabregas for Oscar. I like Cabaye in and Wilson moving to the bench. Feels a less risky team then.

        • Heath says:

          Cheers big fella. Agree with you on most things. I feel LFC will be a much improved team the way they are spending now. Bringing in great quality. However that is bias as I am a LFC supporter lol. Any 5.0 defenders you would suggest? Do I upgrade Silva to Hazard instead and move Oscar into Yaya Toure to keep that City exposure?

          • baysietoff says:

            Lol ok then at the risk of sounding like a bitter blue, I’m very sceptical about anyone Liverpool buy… Your track record of blowing through mountains of cash on duds and occasionally getting lucky is quite worrying. But, happy to be proven wrong! 5.0m defenders? I like West Brom. Pulis’ record speaks for itself so Lescott is a shout. Swansea is another that flew under the radar last season with the 4/5th (?) most cleansheets. Maybe Williams… I like you reasoning behind Silva tbh. Especially if the alternative is Yaya! He’s cooked. Silva + Fab > Hazard + Yaya imho.

            • Heath says:

              You have every right to be sceptical. I still am. However I think for the first time since Benitez days we have been smart in the transfer market. Agree with u on fab now. Better choice. Went with Oscar because Mourinho been talking him up. Will stick with Clyne for now.

    • mattcraigdt says:

      I’m not a Henderson fan but that’s just me. He will be OK. Tadic? Unsure. Oscar a definite no for me, need consistent starters and plenty of value at 8.5. Be careful, last season Silva was as good as Sanchez and Hazard but previously he wasn’t on that level. He might maintain it, but that’s his peak. Still great value at 10.0. The other two can go even bigger. Tough calls though, solid team all round

      • Heath says:

        Think you are a being harsh with Silva. His last 5 Goal + Assist tallies were 24, 19, 16, 23, 13. Hazards last 3 are 24, 24, 24. Silva has been almost as good over a longer period. Diff is Silva tends to assist more than score. Until last season. He’s also 29 so right in his prime. I think Henderson is excellent value. He can improve on last season where he had 7 goals and 11 assists. Tadic I put in there as a stop gap for now. I was impressed with the start of his year last year. Plus he’s mainly in there for Southampton’s fixture. What are your thoughts on Mane? Oscar has been replaced by Fab.

        • baysietoff says:

          Stop it mate, you’re nearly convincing me to dump Hazard for Silva haha… 🙂 Will be interesting to see how Sterling effects the City attacking dynamic. Silva nearly had to do it all on his own last season… Can’t tell if it will effect him negatively or not.

        • mattcraigdt says:

          I think Mane has serious potential but possibly over-priced thanks to Villa’s defending in that 3 minute hat-trick.

          I have Silva in my team! He’s a great option. But he is 1.0-1.5 cheaper because he doesn’t score as much and last couple of seasons he wasn’t quite as good 🙂 Por que no los dos!

          • Heath says:

            Agree I think 8.0 is slightly too expensive. If he was a 7.0, like Henderson, I would be all over him. Any other options around the same price? Doesn’t have to be a Southampton player.

  4. lochie_99 says:

    1st year doing FPL and thoughts on the team i have produced. I have gone for a few POD’s (Player of Diffeence) to hopefully make me go well:

    GK: Cech (Ruddy)
    DEF: Fonte, Azpilicueta, van Aanholt (Morgan, Francis)
    MID: Hazard, Chadli, Depay, French Pirlo (Payet), Atsu
    FWD: Lukaku, Rooney (Wilson)

    Thoughts, greatly appreciated! 🙂

  5. Here we go… A new season.. a new team: (Missed this part UNLIMITED choices, and MANY regrets after GW1 lol)

    Pantilimon (Hamer)
    Mertesacker, Jagielka, Fonte (Mariappa, Simpson)
    Larsson, Cabaye, Silva (V), Walcott, Mané
    Kane, Aguero (C) (Agbonlahor)

    What you think???

    What do we think of the newly promoted teams??? Not really following. Anyone worth getting there?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Ill start with the obvious I guess, Agueros probably not gonna play the first few game weeks because of the Copa America. Agobonlohar could be interesting with Sherwood at the helm but I honestly dont know where he is gonna play this year, with Benteke fit and firing. As a Palace fan, I say steer clear of Mariappa, our centre backs are covered and so are our full back positions, wont make it into the starting 11 bar injury I recon, Ward’s probably the most locked down of all of our defensive players but 2 clean sheets in the last 18 games of last season under Pardew aint something I would look forward to. Pantillimons a great pick and that midfield is looking really nice!

      • brandonpietie says:

        With that in consideration:
        Mariappa> Ward
        Larsson > Fàbregas
        Aguero > Benteke
        Agbonlahor > Defoe

      • brandonpietie says:

        Wait Copa is done isnt it? Didnt Chile win?

        • baysietoff says:

          Something about players needing to have a set “holiday” every year. I thinkit’s 4 weeks. Stops them training/playing all year round… Quite a few started late last season coz of the WC whilst some (i.e. Everton) started shit on little prep time.

        • baysietoff says:

          Oh yeah Brandon, check out our early fixtures before you lock in Jags. Nightmare. 😦

          • brandonpietie says:

            Oh Shizer… I just saw Watford 1st up… didnt look further lol… Sunderland has a great start, so maybe van Aanholt ? And if so, then I save 0.5 so added to???

            Team sitting as:
            Pantilimon (Hamer)
            Mertesacker, van Aanholt, Fonte (Ward, Simpson)
            Fàbregas, Cabaye, Silva (V), Walcott, Mané
            Kane, Benteke (C) (Defoe)

  6. nalhcal99 says:

    1st year doing FPL and thoughts on the team i have produced. I have gone for a few POD’s (Player of Difference) to hopefully make me go well:

    £0.5 left

    GK: Cech (Ruddy)
    DEF: Fonte, Azpilicueta, van Aanholt (Morgan, Francis)
    MID: Hazard, Chadli, Depay, French Pirlo (Payet), Atsu
    FWD: Lukaku, Rooney (Wilson)

    Thoughts, greatly appreciated! 🙂

  7. Tom says:

    Please rate my team

    Cech (Ruddy)
    Azpilicueta, Clyne, Cedric (Cook,Prodl)
    Hazard, Cazorla, Depay, Mahez (Ki)
    Aguero, Rodriguez, Denney

    0 in the bnk


  8. brandonpietie says:

    Hi Guys.

    Ok Im back.

    Took all comments into consideration, and here is how the team looks now:

    Pantilimon (Hamer)
    Mertesacker, van Aanholt, Cédric (Ward, Francis)
    Bolasie, Silva (V), Walcott, Mané (Wanyama)
    Kane, Costa (C), Lukaku.

    Wanyama is 4.5… cant think of another 4.5 mid that could work out… Anyone in the new clubs?

    • baysietoff says:

      Looking alright! It’s got me puzzled how Arsenal are going to line up… Would love Walcott but who knows if he’ll play?!? I’ll do up a promotion article in a week or so, let them settle down a bit. 🙂

  9. george021 says:

    Butland (Ruddy)
    Debuchy, Clyne, Cedric (S.Taylor, Gamboa)
    Hazard, Ozil, Depay, Tadic, Cabaye
    Costa, Benteke (Deeney)

    *Have Butland as the keeper at the moment as he should be Stokes new number 1. They had 9 clean sheets last season, but should improve on that if their defenders stay fit. Ruddy or Krul will be my backup.
    *I’m hoping Gamboa at 4.0 will be the new right back starter for West Brom as they don’t have anyone else really.
    *From what i’ve heard S.Taylor or the young Lascelles will partner Colloccini at CB. Currently Lascelles isn’t there to pick from, so i have gone with Taylor at another 4.0.
    *Mids and Strikers speak for themselves. I’m considering adjusting my team to fit Mane in instead of Tadic due to his goalscoring abilities.

    Everyone’s thoughts would be great thank you.

    • baysietoff says:

      Hi George! Agree Stoke will improve, but it wouldn’t surprise me if their defence doesn’t. I think Dawson played a heap at right back for West Brom last season? Watch friendlies I guess… I have Taylor too, great price! Lascelles won’t come straight in.

      Overall, I’d say maybe 1 too many risky mids… Hate Clyne at Liverpool. At a push, Rooney or Kane are better value than Costa? Especially with Falcao on board.

  10. nalhcal99 says:

    Is it worth a look at Schweinsteiger who is 7.0 and Schneiderlin who is 5.5 seeing how cheap they are?

  11. Kash7 says:

    Hi guys, a fairly rookie FPL player but I have followed the suggestions posted here religiously. I need a bit of help finalising my team, so all comments are appreciated.
    Pantilimon (Myhill)
    Ivanovic, Cedric, Bellerin (Gamboa, van Aanholt)
    Mata, Hazard, Silva, Herrera (Ibe)
    Deeney, Benteke, Pelle

    I’m not happy with Herrera or my attack, but can’t think of a way to re-structure my team.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Kash7 says:

      Oh, I have 1.5M left in the bank

    • brandonpietie says:

      1st off decide on a formation to stay with… If you decide to do 3-4-3, then:
      Keepers are great IMO
      Defenders: I would drop Ivano… I would select 5.0 or 5.5 defenders (3 of them[currently you have 4]) for the starting lineup, and then smallers for bench. Bellerin I would change to Mertesacker. Same price tag

      Mids: Hazard and Sliva great! Matta and Herrera is risky, I would drop Herrera.Maybe look to bring in Mane???

      Forwards defenetly needs a re-look. You could always do Deeney to the bench and play 5 mids, and maybe upgrade Benteke. If you change Ivano, you can upgrade Benteke to Rooney, or maybe even Costa

      Those are my opinions.

      My team is like this:

      Pantilimon (Hamer)
      Mertesacker, van Aanholt, Cédric (Ward, Francis)
      Bolasie, Silva (V), Coutinho, Mané (Wanyama)
      Rooney, Costa (C), Lukaku.

      • Kash7 says:

        I may sound like a crazy person, but ivano is simply a must have in any of my teams. I’ve swapped Herrera for Henderson, and changed Mertesacker for Bellerin (thanks for that info). Just contemplating the striker choice because I can’t afford Rooney at the moment. Are there any 5M midfielders who might be worth looking at?

    • Liftbox says:

      I think you go with Panti + 4.0 or Myhill +4.5 (Buland, Ruddy, who ever has best rotation). Myhill should be relatively strong until foster comes back

      At mid maybe Herrera >Mane? because a) does he lose out if DiMaria stays. b) depay is going to want the ball too and c) not convinced the Manu midfield will work yet.–Also, not sure Ibe is going to get enuff minutes, although he is could be a great value if he plays any regular minutes.

      On D maybe Gamboa to S Taylor. Could be a steal coming back from injury.

      imo Pelle to Lukaku for same price. Pelle seems to miss the net completely too often for my tastes.
      Totally agree with Brandon on trying to fit rooney or costa up front also.

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Herrera to Ritchie and Ibe to a 4.5 so you can make Pelle Kane.

  12. Luke26 says:

    Speroni (hamer)
    Clyne,Cedric,Williams (ward,smith)
    Hazard,silva,Ramsey,eriksen (wanyama)


  13. Dan says:

    I’m a bit slow on this, good to have it (and the site) back 🙂

    1st crack with nearly no research yet…

    Butland Ruddy
    Lescott Francis Richards O’Shea Hutu
    Hazard Silva Walcott Henderson Abdi
    Rooney Benteke Sakho

  14. boges11 says:

    Hey fellas, great to have you back.
    No doubt this will change with every snippet and article I read but at the moment……

    Pants [Krul]
    Fonte Merts Cedric [Richards Burke]
    Silva Hazard Cazorla Schwein [Atsu]
    Kane Pelle [Ulloa]

    Happy for any feedback

  15. nalhcal99 says:

    GK: Cech (Spud)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Cedric, Koscienly (Distin, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Payet, Cabye, Atsu, Eriksen
    FWD: Rooney, Kane (Wilson from AFC Bournemouth)

    thoughts appreciated boys

  16. North Queenslander says:

    Cech (Ruddy)
    Clyne, Azpil, Francis (S. Taylor, Richards)
    Fabregas, Walcott, Chadli, Hendo (Fletcher)
    Aguero, Rooney, Deeney

  17. 17 says:

    Hi just wanted people to rate my team and give me suggestions thanks 🙂
    Formation: 3-4-3
    Coleman, Janmaat, Distin
    Schweinstieger, Hazard (C), Henderson, Bolasie
    Lukaku, Kane, Deeney

    Subs: Boruc, Martin, Morgan, Deulofeu

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Id read Baysies ‘Transitioned Players’ to get some insight on Deulofeu first up. Everton got a real tough run first up, Distin and Coleman wouldnt be highly recomended. Midfield looks good although I recon Schweinsteger moght play too deep to be relevant. Liking Henderson myself as well, and Bolasie a nice POD.

  18. fantasykingM says:

    Hi would just like some opinions please 🙂

    Stekelenburg (Hamer)
    Azpil,merts,cedric (baker,smith)
    hazard,cabaye, henderson,depay,wijnaldum
    benteke,costa (Deeney)

  19. brandonpietie says:

    Looking at some teams, I think a great POD would be Bolasie vs Cabaye

  20. scud98 says:

    Thoughts appreciated

    Adrian (Boruc)

    Azpilicueta, Morgan, Whittaker (A.Williams/Cedric)- DEF rotates very well
    Hazard, Yaya Toure, Cazorla, Depay, Bolasie
    Costa, Wilson (Deeney)

  21. theultimateandy says:

    You guys are probably sick of rating so many teams this early in the year, but at the same time… rate my team! 😀 I’m pretty sure it’s the greatest team ever assembled:

    Ivanovic Simpson Fonte
    Ramsey Hazard Cazorla Ibe Cabaye
    Bentekers Costa

    Hamer – Mariappa Baker Graham

    My whole bench and Simpson were just cheap options.

    Any suggestions?

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Fact that I don’t know who Simpson is off the top of my head is concerning. Leicester? Not sure about that, won’t start. Ramsey not guaranteed to start. Otherwise looks solid 😀

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Mariappas not gonna start either, if youre really interested in a Palace defender, Ward or Dann are your best bets, but Id go Ward because it saves you some money. Although, our defence isnt too solid under Pardew. I think Cabaye might play too defensive as well, much like a Pirlo role but obviously no where near as good (who is?!!), I cant see him displacing Puncheon who had a great season last season, Bolasie is probably the best bet out of the three, at 6.5m as well, you dont even have to spend more money!

  22. brandonpietie says:

    Lets try this.

    Krul (Pantilimon)
    Morgan, Steven Taylor, O’Shea (Francis, Baker)
    Bolasie, Mané, Silva, Walcot, Hazard
    Rooney (V), Lukaku (C) (Wilson – Bournemouth)

    How do we just LOVE that mids???

  23. kingcolesy says:

    At the moment.

    Krul/Elliot (gomes/boruc)
    Azpi mings angella Bassong Targett(mertesacker)
    Hazard silva payet Ritchie(Henderson) Anya(wanyama)
    Aguero(Rooney) Kane Wilson .5 itb

    In brackets is my back up team if Man U get a second striker or Aguero can’t front up

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Personally Id just stick with the team in brackets (thats if Mert is replace Basson/Angella) as it is much stronger attacking wise and defensively sound, although not much upside to Wanyama, if there is any FPL wise. Putting a bit of trust in the promoted teams as well down back. Cover from all 3 teams is risky considering the history of newly promoted sides.

  24. MattyZach says:

    Bit late on the uptake this year! Here’s my first draft though:

    Cech (Hamer)
    Azpilicueta Clyne Alderweireld (Ward, S. Taylor)
    Hazard Silva Henderson Bolasie (Coquelin)
    Kane Benteke Pelle


  25. brandonpietie says:

    Benteke signs at Liverpool? Does this change anyones team?

  26. Who? says:

    Hey guys! Good to be back for another season. Hopefully I can get into the top 10k this season 😀 Here’s my team:
    Stekelenburg, Speroni
    Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Cedric, Williams, Steven Taylor
    Hazard, Ozil, Payet, Bolasie, Sinclair
    Rooney, Kane, Deeney
    0M in the bank.
    Cheers! 🙂

    • baysietoff says:

      Alright mate! One of the better RMTs I’ve seen. Starting to think Kane may not start off too quickly however? That’s the only change I’d make, but then it may start to look too much like my team… 🙂

      • Who? says:

        Cheers Baysie! Who would you recommend as a replacement for Kane? Lukaku, Pelle, Costa?

        • baysietoff says:

          You could go Lukaku, he’s got big potential for points per pound, then upgrade Sinclair to someone who can start in your team, BUT like I said you’re treading on my team territory… But I’ve got Gomis right now :/

          Probably nearly named my front 8 right here haha

  27. Luke26 says:

    Speroni (ruddy)
    Koscielny,azpi,clyne,cedric (Morgan)
    Hazard,silva,ozil,Ritchie (wanyama)
    Kane,lukaku (deeney)
    0.5 in the bank


  28. Kyle says:

    I always wondered where you guys were getting your price numbers. I play the ESPN game, but now I believe I found the one that you guys provide info for. This will obviously be the first year I play it, so I’m sure I won’t do very well because I don’t know all the intricacies. Anyway, I’m going to give it a go, so here is my initial squad.

    I’m going to list what my normal lineup would be if everyone were healthy.


    My Thoughts:

    **As an Arsenal fan, I’m hoping that Cech proves to be as good as I think he can be. I expect him to start basically every game, and I consider him a much better goalie than Szczesny or Ospina and considering the Ospina/Szczesny combo didn’t do too terrible collectively I believe Cech could be a top option. Boruc has been a decent goalie in the past and I think Bournemouth could be able to shut down some teams. As a back up, Boruc provides decent cover.

    **Ivanovic is a top defender, no doubter for me. Clyne and Bertrand were good options last year and I think Bertrand could have another good year, and I’m hoping Clyne can help sure up some problems for the Liverpool defense and get even more points than last year. Morgan and O’Shea are weak cover options, but they are cheap and considering some of my other options, I’ll take it.

    **Hazard and Sanchez are top midfield options and both should rack up some great points. The next 3 are risky picks to make Hazard and Sanchez work. Ritchie and Johnson both did well in the Championship and I hope they can carry that success to the Premier League. Zaha could have a breakout year, worst case he provides capable depth.

    *Aguero is a top scoring threat and should have another great year, hopefully aided by Sterling’s presence rather than hindered. With City selling some of Aguero’s competition, I expect Aguero to play even more this year. Callum Wilson and Ighalo are risky picks just like Ritchie and Johnson. They were both very solid in the Championship and both are having pretty good pre-seasons right now. I’m hoping they can adjust to the premier league and if not, I’m hoping the extra points I get from guys like Aguero/Sanchez/Hazard can make up for it.

  29. nalhcal99 says:

    will sanchez play gw 1 or 2

  30. nalhcal99 says:

    is lukaku a solid worthy pick?

  31. nalhcal99 says:

    this is what i have got
    GK: Cech (4.o)
    DEF: Azpil, cedric, darmian (distin, morgan)
    MID: Hazard, Depay, Ozil, Payet, Ibe
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Wilson from bournemouth)

    not sold on this team, something is missing

  32. akhoo says:

    Team is
    Stekelenberg (Hamer)
    Bertrand, Cedric, Kosc, Azplili (S. Taylor)
    Hazard, Henderson, Cazorla, Bolasie (Ki)
    Rooney, Benteke (Wilson)
    I have 1 mil in the bank, eventually planning to see how bertrand does thent take him out for cedric/bert and maybe cech for Stek.

  33. screech says:

    Pantilimon (Krul)
    Azpilicueta, Targett, Morgan (Bassong, Baker)
    Hazard, Silva, Henderson, Ritchie (Wanyama)
    Rooney, Kane, Benteke


  34. pawspan says:


    Any suggestions plz
    Yoshida selected on basis of easy fixtures and no other cb available for southampton.
    Mings, Wilson selected on basis of easy fixtures.
    At 5.5 any of cech, hart, courtois is a steal. I opted for courtois for being part of best defense currently.
    Ozil, silva, Fab selected for security and confirmed returns. Not much clarity on Depay (Arrival of pedro), Walcott, Oscar (rotation), Sterling(:)).
    Tottenham has fairly easy set of fixtures early on, Being the cheapest among eriksen, kane I opted for chadli.
    Rooney, Benteke (Currently their position as lone strikers).

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      I can see why you’ve gone with both Cedirc and Yoshida because of the Saints’ dream early fixtures, but we have seen in the past teams go AWOL defensively (Stoke), Id stick with one and look for other options. Having both Chadli and Fletch is a large risk and out of the two, Id keep Chadli. Solid forward line and good, nailed on midfield premos who should be in the thick of it consistently for their teams.

  35. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Have too much coin in D, but not sure how to get away from Azp and Kosc since they will be locked in every week.

    G: Adrian, Schmeichel (Good rotation for the first 8 weeks)
    D: Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Cresswell, Francis, Yoshida (Francis/Cresswell rotate well first 8 weeks)
    M: Hazard, Henderson, Redmond, Ritchie, Yaya (Afraid of having 2 Bourne players and Yaya, hmmm)
    F: Rooney, Deeney, Kane

    Thanks for any insight.

  36. nzgsw says:

    Krul, Guzan
    Ivanovic, Fonte, Mertesacker (Richards, Morgan)
    Hazard, Payet, Milner, Tadic, Atsu
    Benteke, Rooney, Mitrovic

    Thinking of dropping Mitrovic to someone cheaper to upgrade elsewhere, but not sure who to use as my cheap forward (Defoe?)

  37. kingcolesy says:

    Hey, I’ve change my team again. I’ve put these bunch of misfits together for first 4 gws. Tell me how you see it, please.

    Schmeichel, Rudd
    Kosc, cedric, mings (oshea, ward)
    Fabergas, Walcott, payet, tadic (anya)
    Costa, Rooney, lukaku 0.5itb for lukaku to benteke gw2

    I don’t really see the point in having Chelsea defenders when there’s mci gw2, so may as well be wise and step toe around it I reckon!

    Appreciate it if I get some thoughts, it’s a solid defence for first 4gws I think!

  38. jhking0313 says:

    Speroni, (Butland)
    Ivanovic, Koscielny, Mings (Bassong, Angella)
    Hazard, Walcott, Ozil, Ritchie (Wanyama)
    Rooney, Lukaku, Sakho

    Should I change Hazard to Fabregas and get Kane for Lukaku?

  39. faze says:

    Boruc (Ruddy)
    Mertesacker, Cedric, Francis, (Alderweireld), (Steven Taylor)
    Walcott, Hazard, Ritchie, Mane, (Anya)
    Rooney, Benteke, Pelle

    Still have 1.0 in the bank to change Benteke to Kane for gw2.
    Thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  40. screech says:

    Pantilimon (Krul)
    Targett, Clyne, Azpilicueta (Bassong, Mings)
    Silva, Hazard, Walcott, Mane (Surman)
    Rooney, Wilson, Rodriguez

  41. nalhcal99 says:

    GK: Cech (Schwarzer)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Cedric, Darmian (O’Shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ibe
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Wilson Bournemouth)

  42. luckypunk05 says:

    Saluti FPL Regulators!!
    my starting xI for 2015/2016(so far)





    let my know what you think…..Saluti from Holland!

  43. Ando says:

    GK: Krul
    DEF: Skrtl, shawcross, oshea
    MID: ramsey, miralles, depay, hazard, mane
    FWD: rooney, lukaku

    would love some feedback!

  44. wolverjag says:

    Well, I think I have landed on a very, very solid team. I’m just debating one change I’m not sure if it will make my team better or not. I’m debating changing Jagielka to Lescott and Eriksen to Cabaye, so that I can change Rooney to Aguero.

  45. liftbox says:


    Rooney-Kane -Wilson


    Giroud for Kane is an option, early, also.

    Plan is:
    Sterling to Chadli
    Rooney to Aguero

    Prefer Walcott to Ozil, if he plays, but feeling he may sit. CS this weekend may tell

    • baysietoff says:

      Pretty good! I reckon a Kane downgrade, Westwood upgrade may be an idea. You’d have the option of playing 5 mids regularly and not having to rely on Wilson every week.

      • liftbox says:

        Thanks.Advanced planning says:
        Westwood to Wayama after Bertrand comes back, and Target to Not sure yet.
        Thinking Giroud for Kane if he starts in CS Sunday.

        I way over think some of this stuff. But I bet we all do somewhat.

  46. nalhcal99 says:

    GK: Cech (Schwarzer)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Cedric, Darmian (O’Shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ibe
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Wilson Bournemouth)

  47. Ryan says:

    I thought I’d put my first draft for the year up that I just made, even though I’m not that happy with it:
    Krul (Butland)
    Azpilicueta, Alderweireld, Cedric (Richards, Targett)
    Hazard, Silva, Payet, Henderson, Ibe
    Rooney, Kane (Deeney)

    Any thoughts on the side would be much appreciated.
    Also why do most of these teams have this Wilson from Bournemouth? Surely he’s not as good as Deeney

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Id be pretty happy with it myself, sure a couple of issues but all our squads are alike like that. Defence is looking nice, although Targett wont get enough game time to warrant a spot on your team, same with Ibe but I have no idea how Liverpool will field up. Also a bit worried about Deeney, thats it.

  48. Punch-on says:

    Pantilimon (Hennessey)
    Kosc, Cedric, Huth, Mings, Richards
    Hazard, Ozil, Mane, Milner, Puncheon
    Rooney, Kane, (Deeney)

    All money used up, any thoughts? Obvs will play Kosc almost every week, then Cedric most weeks with whoever has best fixt out of the remaining 3. Wish i could squeeze in Lescott.

    Cam play deeney if Puncheon has a tough matchup too.

  49. huuuuuuuuuuuu says:

    Pantilimon, Myhill
    Clyne, Azpi, Janmaat, Ward, Taggert
    Payet, Mata, Eriksen, Hazard, Ki
    Rooney, Lukaku, Deeney

    Not too sure if about Ki as the 5th mid, but i think he is decent value at 5.5
    Also thinking of going Janmaat -> Cedric?


  50. nalhcal99 says:

    Thoughts would be great:
    GK: Cech (Schwarzer)
    DEF: Koscienly, Azpilicueta, Darmian (O’shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Lambert (Deeney)

  51. nosaj100 says:

    Hey guys, I would just like a quick RMT to make sure that my team is looking good and ready for GW1.

    Ruddy (Butland)
    Azpi, Cedric, O’Shea (Francis, Richards)
    Hazard (c), Fabregas, Walcott, Payet (Ibe)
    Rooney, Benteke (vc), Deeney

    0mil itb. Thoughts?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      I really cant find anything bad about this squad tbh, apart from Ibe and his game time… This is a really good looking squad.

  52. Tee Jay says:

    First crack at this. Team below for comment

    Cech (Schmeichel)
    Clyne Azpi Koscienly (O’Shea Baker)
    Hazard (c) Payet Sterling Henderson (Wanyama)
    Deeney Benteke Rooney (vc)

  53. nalhcal99 says:

    who has the better start of the draw, Man City or Arsenal. needing a defender from one of their clubs. already got Darmian and Azpilicueta

    • Ryan says:

      I’d go with Cedric, but for Arsenal and City they look pretty similar to me. So I’d go with an Arsenal defender as imo City’s defence is shit. I like their team because I think they will score lots of goals and that Sterling will show why Pellegrini was willing to offer so much, but I think they will also concede goals.

  54. nalhcal99 says:

    GK: Cech (Schwarzer)
    DEF: Azpili, Kosci, Darmian (O’shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Richie
    FWD: Rooney, Lambert (Deeney)


    • Ryan says:

      Really expensive down back, but that could work well to start the season where history shows that less goals are scored and that more bp’s are being given to defenders lately. Lambert obviously a risk, but every team needs to have some or there wouldn’t be much point to the game. I said above that I think Sterling will do really well but don’t forget he is priced up there with the likes of Fabregas and .5 more than Yaya, Ramsey and Eriksen (Ozil you have).

  55. Ryan says:

    Would appreciate it if a couple of lads could rate/point out flaws in my team:
    Krul (Butland)
    Azpilicueta, Cedric, Alderweireld (Richards, *insert 4.0 defender*)
    Hazard, Silva, Coutinho, Payet, Ritchie
    Rooney, Rodriguez (Deeney)

    I’m pretty happy with this team atm.
    Between Krul/Butland I should have an option I’m happy with for at least the first 10 GW’s.
    Azpilicueta to start every week and other 2 spots filled between Cedric, Alderweireld and Richards should give me a solid defence.
    Ritchie or Deeney to fill the 7th mid/fwd option each week.

    • Ryan says:

      Also leaves 0.5 in the bank

    • Seems like a good squad there. Mine is similar. I only question coutinho, rodriguez and your keeper. Coutinho is notorious for being a frustrating fpl player. He never gives good returns on a consistent basis. Plus with firminho and benteke, his direct goal involvement could diminish. You sure Rodriguez will start every game? And even if he does he will play on the wings and not in place of pelle which means lesser returns. Since you do have 0.5 in the bank, why not invest it in cech so you can take advantage of any probable clean sheets that arsenal will get!! Shout out for possibly hart as well.

      • Ryan says:

        This year I’m going with a two 4.5 GK combo, due to the new bonus point system likely to give the lesser keepers a boost. I also think that Krul and Butland have good opening fixtures and rotate well, not in home vs away, but in how likely I think they are to get a clean sheet anyway. Agree with you on Coutinho, but I’m just hoping for a change in fantasy output this year and always like to start with some Liverpool influence as I’m a big Reds fan

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Rodriguez isn’t match fit, I wouldn’t start with him. Rest of the team looks good!

  56. Guys, need feedback on my team. Please recommend changes and a plan to get in aguero by gw3-4. Also any idea on how I could get in sanchez would be great.
    GK: Hart, Ruddy
    Defenders: Bellerin, Alderweireld, Ivanovic, Francis, Cedric
    Mids: Payet, Hazard, Sterling, Ritchie, Wanyama
    Forwards: Rooney, Pelle, Deeney

    • Also, can some argue choosing azpi vs ivanovic?

    • Ryan says:

      Pelle a major concern for me due to Jay Rodriguez being back and he seems to be straight back into his 13/14 season form, despite it only being pre-season, therefore leaving Pelle’s job security under threat. I don’t know if Hart is the best option as a GK but definitely keep him if you want him, I just think that might be one way you can free up some cash. Other than that I am concerned that you have all 3 of Ritchie, Wanyama and Deeney. Do you have any cash left over?

      • Who would you recommend as my striker in place of pelle? And which keeper would you recommend in place of Hart? Fabianski? Also, which of the 4.0 priced defenders should we put in the team? I have 0.5 in the bank right now? Also, having azpi over ivanovic will be alright? It will free up some cash

        • Ryan says:

          Well strikers are extremely open in options and depend on how much you want to spend on them. Personally like Fabianski and Cech. I have Azpi in my team above and seems to be a good way to save 1.0, however Ivanovic last year was monstrous and is worth the cash if you can afford it.

          • I got in cech. Makes more sense, but now I feel i have to remove bellerin cause I do not wish to double up on a defence prior to gw1. Anyone to replace bellerin? Also, is alderweireld really a good option? And a soton defence without clyne and bertrand, you think that will be able to give clean sheets? Also, about the 4.0 priced defender?

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Plan to get Aguero? Drop Pelle for Wilson (You can always play 4 at the back if him or Deeney have tough fixture), upgrade Rooney to Aguero. Tough to fit in Sanchez as well without re-structuring

  57. Brayden says:

    Thoughts guys, quite happy but only thing I am worried about is not owning Hazard. Could swap Fab for Haz then Rooney to a striker 8.0 or less, rest of team is:
    Butland, Ruddy
    Azpi, Kosc, Cedric, Huth, Francis
    Fab, Walcott, Sterling, Mane, Wanyama
    Rooney, Kane, Deeney


  58. How’s this lineup?
    GK: Cech, Butland
    Def: Cedric, Azpi, Cresswell, Francis, matthews
    Mid: Mane, Payet, Hazard, Sterling, Ritchie
    Fwd: Rooney , Berahino, Deeney

    Thoughts? Weaknesses? Getting in Aguero contingency?

    • baysietoff says:

      Looks ok. What’s the thinking behind a 4.5 bench keeper? You’re not going to be rotating are you, and keeper injuries are quite rare. Seems a waste of 0.5 that could be used somewhere. Not sure Cresswell is value at 5.5, West Ham could be a great defence but their new attacking style may come at a cost down back short term…

  59. Punch-on says:

    Kane and Deeney vs Lukaku and Sakho, thoughts??

  60. screech says:

    Hennessey (Myhill)
    Azpilicueta, Clyne, Mertesacker (Bassong, Targett)
    Sterling, Hazard, Lens, Oxlade-Chamberlin (Payet)
    Wilson, Kane, Rooney

    Trying to get a good balance of POD’s, good defense & options to upgrade when players return…

  61. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    With a couple of days left, Im more worried about my team than I have been so far!
    Here it is:
    Myhill, Krul
    Cedric, Huth, O’Shea (Francis, Rangel)
    Hazard, Ozil, Payet, Bolasie, Walcott
    Rooney, Pelle (Deeney).

    When Aguero returns to full games, Walcott becomes Ibe and Pelle becomes Aguero. I feel like that when I do that though, my midfield looks to cheap? Also, does Rangel still cover a full back position or has he lost it?

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Rangel vs Naughton, don’t like those odds. I’m not a Pelle fan, like the team structure though!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

        Gonna have to find another 0.5m thrn, Swansea defence, is looking like a solid, cheap pick. Was just hoping that Pelle could get off to the start he had last season and then getrid of him when Aguero starts playing full games

  62. brandonpietie says:

    With Aguero not starting… Im slowly considering Silva and Sterling!!! Thoughts?

  63. Bryan says:

    Mignolet (Butland)
    Shaw Azpilicueta Bellerin (Huth, Ward)
    Tadic Chamberlain Hazard Sterling (Wanyama)
    Sakho Kane Rooney

    0 left over. I could downgrade Huth/Ward to 4.0s and upgrade elsewhere. Thoughts?

  64. Dan says:

    After the usual ridiculolus amount of tinkering, think Ill be going with this

    Krul (Myhill)
    Azpi, Koscielny, Huth (O’Shea, Bassong)
    Hazard, Sterling, Walcott, Chadli, Mahrez
    Rooney, Lambert (Sakho)

  65. rookie manager says:

    rookie manager needs some feed back

    i stupidly bet a mate that i would beat him at this game

    Cech – (Schwarzer)

    Ivanovic or Azpil / Clyne / Mertesacker (Baker / O’shea)

    Milner Or Hendo / Schneiderlin / Hazard / Cazorl (Wanyama)

    Rooney / Benteke / Lukaku

  66. templetontherat says:

    This is what I’ve got right now

    Cech (Guzan)
    Amavi, Bellerin, Clyne, Azpilicueta (Ward)
    Hazard, Tadic, Sigurdsson, Zaha (Colback)
    Rooney, Benteke (Deeney)

    Thinking of going Sinclair instead of Colback and maybe going up from Tadic or Sigurdsson

  67. skiprat384 says:

    Rate my team please

    GK Coutois/(Myhill)
    Def Terry Koschelney Fonte (Huth Baker)
    Mid Haz Ramsey Schneiderlin Mane (Brunt)
    Fwd Rooney Benteke Wilson

    Any thoughts

  68. nalhcal99 says:

    GK: Cech (Schwarzer)
    DEF: Azpilicueta,Koscielny, Darmian (O’Shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Ozil, Payet, Henderson Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Deeney)

  69. Coolios says:

    Hi guys, just wanted some feedback about my draft team

    GK: Howard
    DEF: Janmaat, Stones, Alderweireld
    MID: Hazard (C), Bolasie, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Payet, Mirallas
    FWD: Rooney (V), Lukaku

    SUBS: Butland, Distin, Ogbonna, Ayew


  70. theboy says:

    GK Mignolet (Hennessy)
    DEF Azpi, Mertesacker, Darmain, Bassong (O’Shea)
    MID Hazard, Cazorla, Sigurdson, Ritchie (Bentaleb
    FWD- Benteke, Rooney (Sakho)
    1.5mil left over

  71. Ryan says:

    Sterling + Henderson + 0.5
    or Eriksen/Ozil/Mata + Coutinho

  72. brandonpietie says:

    Just turned my whole team on its head… and I think I just NAILED it (But I have a feeling you guys will change my mind… AGAIN):
    Boruc (Myhill)
    Ward, Janmaat, O’Shea (Moore, Targett)
    Silva, Ritchie, Özil, Hazard, Sterling
    Rooney (V), Lukaku (C) (Deeney)

  73. rookie manager says:

    milner or hendo????

  74. rookie manager says:

    few more tweeks have been made.
    any further advice guys?

    Cech / (Schwarzer)

    Azpil / Clyne / Mertesacker (Francis / cedric)

    Milner Or Hendo / Schneiderlin / Hazard / Cazorl (Wanyama)

    Rooney / Benteke / Lukaku

  75. New posts are now in the middle of this page???

  76. Hally25547 says:

    My current team

    Cech (Hennessey)

    Azpilicuetta / Koscielny / Huth (Francis O’Shea)

    Mane / Hazard / Bolasie / Sterling (Sinclair)

    Rooney / Deeney / Benteke

    Got 0.5M in the bank and not sure whether to use it or keep it.

    Appreciate any thoughts,


  77. rookie manager says:

    Getting there slowly. would love some feed back

    Cech / (Schwarzer)

    Azpil / Clyne / Mertesacker (baker / cedric)

    Milner Or Hendo / Hazard / Cazorl / puncheon & Wanyama rotating

    Rooney / Benteke / Lukaku (for GW1(purchase pelle GW2))


  78. rookie manager says:

    thoughts?. …

    lol this game is making me bald!

    i think this is my117th draft

    myhill / (rudd)

    Azpil / Clyne / cedric /mertesacker / baker

    milner / Hazard / Cazorla / schniederlin / puncheon

    Rooney / Benteke / pelle

  79. Luke26 says:

    Pantillimon (krul)
    Azpilicueta,koscielny,cedric (ward,Kaboul)
    Hazard,silva,ozil,Ritchie (wanyama)


  80. Mcdrapy says:

    Help me
    How does my team look
    Cress well
    De pay

  81. faze says:

    I’m having trouble deciding between two line ups with different midfields.
    Option 1 would be: Walcott, Sterling, Mane, Mata/Depay, (Anya)
    Option 2: Hazard, Walcott, Mane, Ritchie, (Anya)

  82. Holly says:

    Hi guys,

    Haven’t tinkered half as much as I usually do so hopefully I’ve got it right more or less straight away 🙂

    What do you think…

    Mignolet – Can be downgraded to Krul

    Koscielny – Williams – Jagielka – (Richards) (Bennett)

    Hazard – Milner or Henderson?? – Cazorla (though I’m thinking Walcott would be a great player to have if starting or basically any of the Arsenal midfield I’m taking into consideration as can’t decide between them??) Sterling – Barkley(will he start?) or Payet

    Rooney – Benteke (Graham)

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂

  83. Fred says:

    Would appreciate your thoughts/opinions:

    Sakho vs. Berahino?


  84. rookie manager says:

    Myhill (Hennessey)

    Azpilicueta / Clyne / Mertesacker (Cedric / Targett)

    Henderson / Mane / Hazard / Sterling or Walcott (king)

    Kane / Rooney / Deeney

  85. brandonpietie says:

    Cheap defence is how I have gone:
    Boruc (Hennessey)
    Morgan, Cedric, Gomez (Targett, O’Shea)
    Walcott, Oscar, Silva, Depay, Sterling
    Rooney, Lukaku (Deeney)

    All money in attack!

  86. Heath says:

    Ok here is my revised team for GW1

    Pantilimon (Myhill)
    Bassong Azpilicueta Mertesacker (Coates, Williams)
    Walcott, Fabregas, Milner, Sterling (Larsson)
    Benteke, Deeney, Rooney

    Bank 1.0

    – Myhill will be my mainstay keeper but has Man City week 1
    – Williams will be a mainstay as well over Bassong. Fixture dictates it for week one.
    – I like Larsson for Sunderland. Better support around him should see more assists and possible goals. Set piece taker too. Could become Lens but a bit unsure as he is untried in EPL.
    – Have left out Hazard due to rotation fears. I think Walcott will play mostly up forward. Sanchez will come in when fit. Milner I see as a bargain and should see plenty of goals and assists down the wing for LFC. Sterling looks to be City’s go to man down the wing now.
    – Benteke I feel will a great striker at LFC. Milner and Clyne will feed him in the air a lot. Firmino and Coutinho have class to feed him at his feet.
    – Rooney will be No1 striker at Man U.
    – Deeney is a solid cheap striker and could knock in 10-15 goals. Could become Gomis if I can find another 0.5 or Sakho.

  87. Ryan Crowley says:

    Bench Boost Round 1, followed by Wildcard Round 2:

    Howard- Schmeichel

    Coleman- Ivanovic- Shaw- Koscielny- Kolarov

    Milner- Walcott- Wijnadum- Mahrez- Ritchie

    Lukaku (c)- Rooney- Falcao

  88. brandonpietie says:

    Cheap defence is how I have gone:
    Hennessey (Myhil)
    O’Shea, Cedric (Targett, Morgan, Oxford)
    Walcott, Mane, Silva (V), Depay, Sterling
    Rooney, Lukaku (C), Sakho

    All money in attack! All out attack chip played

    • Kashmil7 says:

      Firstly, love your keepers! I’m contemplating using the same combo, but you might have a big problem when the first team choices regain fitness.

      Very risky leaving your defence in that condition! Have you considered Mertesacker? I believe he’s the same price as Soares (might be wrong) but is definitely better value than a Southampton defender with a rather shaky looking team. Remember, they’ve lost Schneiderlin as well so that could impact negatively.

      Walcott looks a tad too dicey for my opinion, but if he does play as a lone striker then you might get a really big haul. I don’t know if it’s just me, but Mane’s price seems to be inflated beyond reason. Maybe Mane -> Ritchie and upgrade Sakho??

      Love the look of the Roondog and Lukaku!! just be wary that Lukaku might not play for this week and after this Everton do not have the best of fixtures coming up past gameweek 1. Consider Pelle, as if he finds his form he could be deadly! Don’t know too much about Sakho as a POD, but it might work out.

      tl;dr Mane->Ritchie/Mahrez
      Sakho-> someone less risky
      Soares-> Mertesacker

      • Ryan says:

        Cedric is 5.0, while Mertesacker is 5.5. Personally I have Cedric in my side while not having any Arsenal defenders

  89. george021 says:

    Cech (Hennessey)
    Azpilicueta, Cedric, M.Richards (Morgan, S.Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Depay, Wanyama
    Rooney, Benteke (Deeney)

    Thoughts would be great thanks.

  90. Kashmil7 says:

    Returning here with a *hopefully* much improved team. This is for the ESPN format, if my budgetary constraints make no sense. Here goes:

    Pantilimon (Henessey)
    Ivanovic, Bellerin, Mings (van Aanholt, Gamboa)
    Hazard, Silva, Depay, Ramsey (Ritchie)
    Rooney, Vardy, Wilson

    Have enough budget left over to turn Ramsey into Sanchez or Vardy into Aguero (with two transfers)
    Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

  91. nalhcal99 says:

    if i was going to use the wildcard 2-5-3 can you help with the changes i need to make for my team

    right now in the 3-5-2
    GK: Hennessy (Myhill)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Darmian, Cedric (O’Shea, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Deeney)

    thanks a lot

  92. princesscarlz says:

    Please rate my team or rip it to shreds. Got 2 different ones. Don’t know which is best!!

    Cech (Rudd)
    O’shea Huth Cedric (S Taylor Baker)
    Richie Sinclair Henderson Hazard (c) (Poyet)
    Costa Rooney Aguero


    Pantilon (Rudd)
    Huth Cedric Jagielka (Francis S.Taylor)
    Mane Depay Firmino Walcott Hazard (c)
    Wilson Costa (Deeney)

    Any and all comments welcome!! I need help bad. I am so confused!!!

  93. Don Revie says:

    to B or not to B

    Koscielny, Fabregas, Ozil,(with 0.5 in the bank)

    Mertesacker, Henderson, Hazard


  94. nalhcal99 says:

    got 1m left

    GK: Hennessy (Myhill)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Darmian, (Williams, Taylor, Baker)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Gomis, Deeney

    only thing i dont like is playing gomis and azpilicueta on field when they are vsing eachother
    thanks a lot

  95. Chris says:

    Hey bit new to this, pretty good at afl and love the epl so thought id give it a try.
    GK: Myhill (Hennessy)
    Def: Williams, Azpi, Metersacker (Lescott, S.Taylor)
    Mid: Ozil, Hazard, Payet, Mata (Sinclair)
    Fwd: Rooney, Gomis, Sakho
    Thoughts appreciated

  96. joelharrison82 says:

    Joel’s Divers 2015 Starting Line-up
    Fabianski (Myhill)
    Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Morgan (Lescott, Williams)
    Hazard, Henderson, Erikson, Sigursson Wanyama
    Kane, Rooney (Jerome)

  97. brandonpietie says:

    Thats is… Baysie made me change it.. But this is FINAL!!!!
    Hennessey (Myhil)
    O’Shea, Cedric (Steven Taylor, Morgan, Oxford)
    Walcott, Manè, Silva (V), Depay, Sterling
    Rooney (C), Pellè, Sakho

  98. Pawspan says:

    Suggestions plz

    Myhill Hennessey
    Azpill Cedric Coates bellerin alderwield
    Walcott sterling mane ox Ibe
    Rooney Kane benteke
    Many pods?

  99. nosaj100 says:

    Hey guys, I would like some feedback for this team –

    Ruddy (Butland)
    Azpi, Cedric, Francis (Huth, Coates)
    Hazard, Fabregas, Sterling, Ramsey (Chadli)
    Rooney, Defoe, Wilson

    Just some things to note –
    – Keepers, defenders rotate very well
    – I know that Ramsey is a risk but I feel I can take it considering that one of those expensive mids will be downgraded in order to get Aguero
    – Defoe and Wilson rotate perfectly and will be sharing that last spot on the field most weeks
    – Chadli not required this week because of his poor fixture and Defoe’s and Wilson’s great fixtures, he will come on from GW 2 onwards when his fixtures clear up
    – To get Aguero, I’ll be downgrading a premo mid to someone under 6.5mil and upgrading Rooney

    0mil itb. Thoughts?

  100. MattyZach says:

    Here we go! Lots of tweaking has gone on in the last few hours.

    Krul (Myhill)
    Azpilicueta, Mertesacker, Cedric (Huth, S. Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Sinclair
    Rooney, Benteke (Deeney)

    Pretty cookie cutter, but I think I’m fairly happy with it at the moment.

    • nosaj100 says:

      Really nice team, how much in the bank tho? I’m not sure if Sinclair is nailed on, but apart from that it looks good mate. Good luck!

      • MattyZach says:

        Thanks mate. That uses up the entire 100k. So operation “get Aguero” will be a wildcard thing.
        Any suggestions for that 5th mid? I can’t find anyone I like!

        • Ryan says:

          Yeah, tough to pick a decent mid option if you’re only looking at max 5.0. I personally love Ibe’s potential and have heard he will start against Stoke, just uncertain on his job security longer time

          • MattyZach says:

            Ibe was my first choice when I swapped out Sinclair. Hopefully he can be an early bandwagon and make a little bit of cash before trading him in.

  101. Marc says:

    Hey guys RMT if possible.

    Ruddy | Hennessey
    Mert | Cedric| Huth | Coates | Staylor
    Hazard | Sterling | Ozil |Mahrez| Mane
    Rooney | Sakho | Benteke

    Any advice is appreciated 🙂

    • MarcusR37 says:

      Not a fan of starting with a Keeper from a newly promoted team, think Schmeichel / Myhill are better options to start the season. Rest of the team looks awesome, I am assuming Mahrez will be first bench?

  102. Jeff says:

    Hennessey (Myhill)
    Koscielny, Cedric, Williams (Morgan, Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Payet, Mane, Bolasie
    Rooney, Benteke (Deeney)


    Hennessey (Myhill)
    Azpilicueta, O’Shea, Williams (Morgan, Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Mane, Bolasie
    Rooney, Benteke (Jerome)

  103. nalhcal99 says:

    Do i go Azpilicueta and Darmian, Koscienly and Darmian or all 3 of them? Or is that too expensive in defence

  104. fantasykingM says:

    Any thoughts much appreciated

    cech (schwazer)
    Azpilicueta, mertersacker, cedric (richards, smith)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, milner, (wanya)
    Rooney, Benteke, deeney

    • MarcusR37 says:

      Can’t really fault it to be honest, I would personally prefer to go in with a 5m keeper (Pants / Fab) and upgrade Mert to Koscielny.

  105. nalhcal99 says:

    should i also go for a rotating 3rd defender with 2 4.5m or a 5.0 and 4.0 defender

  106. nalhcal99 says:

    i have built this but not comfortable with it, any ideas

    GK: Hennessy (Myhill)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Francis (Bassong, Steven Taylor)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Lukaku (Deeney)

    • nalhcal99 says:

      GK: Pantilimon (Hennessy)
      DEF: Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Francis (Bassong, Steven Taylor)
      MID: Hazard, Sterling, Walcott, Payet, Ritchie
      FWD: Rooney, Deeney (Gomis from Swansea)

      • MarcusR37 says:

        I like option 2 but would consider starting with Myhill instead of Pants and using the 0.5 to upgrade Payet to Mane

  107. darnette says:

    Please RMT as any help would be great to improve my team

    GK: Hennessy (Myhill)
    DEF: Clyne, Fonte/Jagielka/Mertesacker, Cedric, (Francis, OShea)
    MID: Hazard, Depay, Ozil, Mane, Henderson
    FWD: Kane, Benteke (Jermone)

  108. MarcusR37 says:

    Having a couple of minor selection dilemmas ahead of GW1, any help would be appreciated:
    Looking at fielding either:

    Bojan (H vs Liverpool) vs Mahrez (H vs Sunderland)
    (Myhill (H vs Manchester City) vs Hennessey (A vs Norwich)

    Thanks in advance

  109. george021 says:

    Cech (Hennessey)
    Azpilicueta, Cedric, M.Richards (Morgan, S.Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Depay, (Wanyama)
    Rooney, Benteke, Deeney

    This is my team. I have no money left. I was told earlier that I shouldn’t have Micah Richards and Wanyama. Who should I have instead? Thanks

  110. nalhcal99 says:

    Final product, thoughts everybody

    GK: Hennessey (Myhill) who do I start?
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Darmian (Francis, Steven Taylor)
    MID: Hazard, Sterling, Özil, Payet, Ritchie
    FWD: Rooney, Deeney (Gomis) who do I start?

    Thanks a lot guys. 1st year of doing it

  111. A really quick one guys,

    Milner and Berahino vs Sinclair and Benteke/Lukaku?

    Thoughts much appreciated!!

    • Ryan says:

      Really tough choice that. I’d be thinking Benteke>Lukaku if going B purely because of apparent doubt over how he is atm, but I couldn’t even pick either option as a standout.
      Show what you went with for your whole team after lockout

  112. Jeff says:

    Pick one defender for each price:

    Williams, Cedric or Lescott

    O’Shea, Ward or Francis

    Taylor, Targett or Oxford

  113. Ryan says:

    Have submitted my team for GW1, excited and nervous!
    Azpilicueta, Cedric, O’Shea
    Hazard (c), Sterling, Ozil, Payet
    Rooney (vc), Kane, Deeney

    Butland, Sinclair, Richards, S.Taylor

  114. Holly says:

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of using my wildcard and going from:

    Mignolet (Elliott) Azpilicueta, Richards, Williams, (O Shea, Ryan Bennett)

    Mane, Eriksen, Cazorla, Sterling, (Barkley)

    Gomis, Rooney, Benteke


    Mignolet (Elliott)

    Kolarov, Taylor, Williams, (Richards), (Ryan Bennett)

    Eriksen, Kouyate, Sanchez, Depay, (Stanislas)

    Aguero, Benteke, Gomis

    Any suggestions appreciated 🙂

    • tomjwatson says:

      I don’t think you should get 2 defenders from the same team as if they concede a lot or don’t get a clean sheet u already loose points for both (referring to taylor and williams from swansea)

  115. tomjwatson says:

    Critical Feedback would be much appreciated
    Played wild card this week and now have:

    Myhill (Mcarthy)
    Shaw, Willams, Coleman, Kompany, (Targett)
    Sanchez, Silva, Mahrez, Payet (Sinclair)
    Gomis, Aguero (Ighalo)
    Nothing left in the bank.

  116. nalhcal99 says:

    Myhill (Hennessey)
    Koscielny, Azpilicueta, Darmian (Francis, Taylor)
    Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Payet, (Ritchie)
    Rooney, Gomis, Deeney

    2 Free Transfers, any ideas

  117. Daniel says:

    Hi guys, off to an alright start, not sure what to do for the coming week
    Hart (Hennessey)
    Azpilicueta, Alderwield, Cedric (Mings, Oxford)
    Hazard, Depay, Yaya Toure, Mahrez (Wanyama)
    Aguero, Benteke, Deeney
    0.2 in the bank

  118. brandonpietie says:

    Im thinking of playing 5 at the back this week 😐
    Myhill (McCarthy)
    Dier, Azpili, Kolarov, Naughton, Darmian
    Silva, Marhez, Ozil, Shaqiri (Redmond)
    Aguero (C) (Gomis, Kone)

    What do you guys think?

  119. nalhcal99 says:

    Dunno what to do. Got a spare 1.0m
    Wildcard Active
    GK: Hart (Myhill)
    DEF: Komapny, Darmian, Gomez (Targett, Taylor)
    MID: Pedro, Payet, Shaqiri, Mahrez (Sako)
    FWD: Aguero, Lukaku, Gomis

    • Kash7 says:

      Like the keepers, just watch WBA to see if Myhill/Lindegaard plays this week. Might think about begovic here as a cheap way into the chelsea defence if Myhill isn’t playing.
      Excellent starting defenders, just not sure about gomez, the utd-liv fixture is notoriously sketchy, as well as the fact that Moreno might be coming back soon. Targett might be a better option.If you’re looking to get rid of gomez you can look up an arsenal defender. Get that premium “top 4” coverage sorted.
      Nothing to say about your midfield, so much talent and so many things that can go right there. Just question the lack of a city midfielder. Yes, silva is injured this week but not having hi could hurt you in the long run.
      Nice forwards as well, although I would question Lukaku at this stage with the horrid fixtures everton have. It might be worthwhile to look to another premium striker until the Everton future upswing in gameweek 11(?).

      Potential to score really high as it stands though, just the armband to decide.

  120. Kash7 says:

    Myhill (Begovic)
    Kolarov, Azpi, Dier (Galloway, Gomez)
    Mahrez, Hazard, Silva, Mata (Shaqiri)
    Aguero, Gomis, Vardy

    Thinking it might be time to get rid of vardy or mahrez, but want to keep one. Also, does my defence look solid enough?

  121. Daniel says:

    Hi guys, thinking of wildcard, team, does not seem to be performing too well
    Hart (Hennessey)
    Azpilicueta, Gomez, Cedric (Mings, Oxford)
    Pedro, Depay, Yaya Toure, Mahrez (Wanyama)
    Aguero, Gomis, Deeney
    Got a nice stash of 3.5 in the bank with 1FT

    • Daniel says:

      Thinking of something like this
      Hart (McCarthy)
      Shaw, Kolarov, Gomez (Cathcart, Oxford)
      Pedro, Sanchez, Yaya Toure, Mahrez, Mata
      Lukaku, Gomis (C.Wilson)
      With 0.3 in bank
      I know that double City defence isn’t the best, but Kolarov can assist goals

  122. Shay says:

    Foster (Hennesy)
    Shaw Walker Baines (Ake Paredes)
    Payet Tadic Sigurdsson Ibe (Capoue)
    Ibrahimovic Aguero Ings

    • Ryan says:

      Team looks solid, but Ings won’t have near enough game time to be worth 6.0, need a different 3rd ST

      • Shay says:

        any other 6.0 i can get? If there is none any 6.5 ones?

        • Ryan says:

          At 6.0 you’d probably either be looking at Diouf or one of the promoted ST’s in Rhodes, Hernandez or Vokes, none of which I know a heap about as I myself am no expert and so don’t know much about the promoted teams. 6.5 is more crowded, but I have no idea which one will be the one that ends up going big, I myself am uncertain on who I will have in my 3rd ST spot and may end up having the 3rd ST at 7.0+, there are teams main ST’s in Carroll, Rondon/Berahino and Long. I wouldn’t pick any of these myself. Gray is an interesting prospect from Burnley as is Llorente who just signed for Swansea to become their no 1 ST option, he is high on my own watchlist. On Negredo you can see the Middlesbrough article on this site and Remy could possibly move to Everton in a swap + $$$ deal for Lukaku, otherwise he’s useless FPL wise

  123. Dan says:

    Late to it this, love some thoughts
    Foster, Jakupovic
    Baines, Valencia, Stones, Friend, Smith
    Hazard, Firmino, Barkley, Ibe, Fletcher
    Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Gray

  124. nalhcal99 says:

    Lukaku + Ibe (Bench) or KDB/Silva + 4m/5.5m ST (Bench)

  125. boges11 says:

    De Gea (Gomes)
    Alderweireld, Shaw, Fuchs, Stones (B Smith)
    Barkley, Mahrez, Lamela, Drinkwater (Dier)
    Ibrahimovic, Batshuayi (Gray)

    1M left Thinking Gray to Musa, but then Drinkwater would have to go to Kante.

    Thoughts appreciated.

  126. nalhcal99 says:

    De Gea (Jakupovic)
    Shaw, Baines, Stones (Smith, Paredes)
    Sanchez, Hazard, Barkley, Ramirez (Ibe)
    Ibra, Lukaku, Gray

    Thoughts appreicated alot

  127. Heath Moss says:

    Ok guys let me know what you think of this:

    Valdes (Foster)
    Friend, Baines, Stones (L Shaw, Robertson)
    Ibe, Barkley, Hazard, Mkhitaryan (Feghouli)
    Aguero, Batshuayi, Hernandez

    Be gentle 😉

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