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FPL is back for season 2017/18, so let’s get playing with our squads! We’ll be a part of the discussion here.

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  1. greenninja15

    Foster (Ryan)
    Alonso, Lindelof, VVD (Lowe, Lejeune)
    Alli, Pogba, Ritchie, Mooy (Loftus-Cheek)
    Jesus, Kane, King

    maybe spending too much in defense, put $ into midfield but it will change over next5 weeks for sure

    • MCWizards

      Alonso is a lot of money in defence but if he scores like last season he might end up scoring more than a lot of mids around the 7.0m mark. Having 2 promoted mids and Loftus-Cheek on the bench who won’t play every game is risky but it’s still early on and things can change.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’d potentially cut down on the defence, but I have Loftus-Cheek starting. Great option.

      • MCWizards

        I thought it would have been a bit risky to start him, I’ve got him locked in as my 5th mid at the moment though. Wasn’t expecting him to start every week however. Turns out I’ve actually gone something similar to this (Mooy & Loftus-Cheek 4th & 5th mids) so it goes to show how things change :p

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Pre-season will tell us more, but he’s an attacking mid and could do well. 4.5 frees up so much cash!

  2. brandonpietie

    RMT Please:

    de Gea (Martinez)
    Bertrand, Cédric, Dawson (Hünemeier, Mariappa)
    Ritchie, Zaha, David Silva, Alli (Carroll)
    Defoe, Lukaku (C), Kane

    This is looking at the 1st 6 weeks of the season

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Not sure about the Saints double up or that bench, otherwise I like it! City have so many attacking talents that Silva may not have the scoring impact he used to…

  3. templetontherat

    My first attempt at a team:

    GK: Forster (Ryan)
    D: Phil Jones, Dann, Alonso, Trippier (Holding)
    MF: Mooy, Salah, Sane, Stephens (Redmond)
    F: Jesus, Kane (Wells)

  4. George

    Thoughts on my current team selection please:

    GK: Begovic (Foster)
    DEF: Milner, Trippier, Daniels, Cedric (Rangel)
    MID: Alli, Coutinho, A.Ayew (Gouffran, Loftus-Cheek)
    FWD: Lukaku, Aguero, Gabbiadini

      • George

        Yeah I do normally play with 3 at the back and will probably start this season like that again. The difficulty now is deciding which defenders to start with and which ones to drop.

  5. Boner Contention

    Initial set up looks like this;

    GK: Boruc (Myhill)
    Def: Dunk, Holgate, Monreal, ( Yedlin, Mee)
    Mid: Sanchez, Fabregas, Alli, Brunt ( Loftus-Cheek )
    Fwd: Abraham, Kane, Lukaku

    This team even scares me. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Think the defence might be a problem and I don’t really know who Abraham is hahaha. I need to do some more research 😛

  6. Carlos

    My first crack at the team, any thoughts greatly appreciated:

    GK: Foster (Begovic)
    DEF: Alderwiereld / Mustafi / Cedric (Mee / Hunemeier)
    MID: Alli / Ramsey / Tadic / Chadli (T Carroll)
    FWD: Lukaku / Lacazette / Jesus

      • Carlos

        Thanks mate, I’m finding the midfielders to be the hardest this year. So many options, but it was hard to overlook the quality in attack. Last 2 seasons I would go with the cheap 3rd striker, and it’s so annoying, they are just not consistent and have to constantly make changes and -4 hits to make it work some how. So this year, I’m splashing out on attack and waiting on midfield. If some midfielder becomes a must, will switch one of the strikers for them 🙂

      • Carlos

        Thanks. Yes, Alder has always delivered for me. I’m finding it a bit a strange that Lindelof is getting so much love, given he’s new to the team and Man U were not exactly a defence powerhouse last season… though their fixtures do look good, might have to get him on the watchlist

  7. nzgsw

    GK: Forster (Elliot)
    DEF: Cedric / Dawson / Clyne (Rangel / Yedlin)
    MID: Eriksen / Ozil / Pedro / Ward-Prowse (Can)
    FWD: Lukaku / Aguero / Rodriguez

  8. Boner Contention

    Have weakened on Sanchez already sadly….and already i feel just a little dirty

    GK: Foster (Myhill)
    DEF: Cedric; Monreal; Daniels; (Rangel; Hunemeier)
    MID: Mkhitaryan; Fabregas; Alli; Redmond; (McArthur)
    FWD: Firmino; Kane; Lukaku

  9. Heath Moss

    Ok here is my first Draft. Lmk your thoughts guys:

    Foster (Forster)
    Mustafi, Lindelof, Bertrand (Yedlin, Hunemeier)
    Countinho, Alli, Tadic, Pogba (Loftus-Cheek)
    Lukaku, Lacazette, Rodriguez

  10. prcoop1953

    Let’s try this:
    Forster-Elliot to rotate
    Lindelof-Mustafi (Dawson-Francis-Mee to rotate)
    Pogba-Coutinho-Sigurdsson-Redmond (Lanzini)

  11. WINNING!

    Any improvements?
    GK: Hennessey (Heaton)
    DEF:Yoshida / Daniels / Mustafi/ Kompany (Dawson)
    MID: Eriksen / Willian/ Mkhitaryan (Carroll / O.Romeu)
    FWD: Lukaku / Lacazette / Firmino

  12. greenninja15

    Like Kompany and you have all the big teams covered except Man City in attack

    People seem to be keen on Bournemouth defenders but I cant see it, think there is better value than Daniels ie Trippier, Lindelof at 5.5 if you put Elliot in as GK

  13. greenninja15

    Foster (Elliot)
    Alonso, Trippier, Cedric, Bailly (Lejuene)
    Alli, Tadic, Pogba (RLC, Carroll)
    Kane, Lukaku, Gayle

    Current condrum is either:

    Bailly & Gayle


    Lindellof & Chicharito

  14. hugh

    GK: Foster (Boruc)
    DEF: Azpilicueta, Mustafi, Cedric (Mee, Tomkins)
    MID: Alli, De Bruyne, Coutinho, Loftus-Cheek (Carroll)
    FWD: Kane, King, Gabbiadini

  15. Ryan P

    First team for the year, little to no research as of yet:

    Foster (Hart)
    Trippier, Ake, insert Huddersfield def (insert 4.5 def to rotate with Huddersfield def, insert 4.0 def)
    De Bruyne, Alli, Pogba, Herrera (insert 4.5 mid)
    Kane, Lacazette, Chicharito

    Have not yet looked at early fixtures for defenders/GKs but feel like Trippier will be good value if he can nail down the RB spot and Ake if he can nail down CB spot and bang a couple of headers in early along with some clean sheets. Don’t really need a Huddersfield def but think they will be solid at the back so will likely pick one of them to rotate with any other 4.5 def.

    De Bruyne, Alli, Pogba, Kane and Lacazette are the current guns of the team, while Chicharito and Herrera are the two big PODs for now

    • Carlos

      Herrera will be stuck at DM, so his returns might be limited. Chicharito might explode. You’re right, defence needs work, I personally think 2 GK options there is better value and better rotation if you go with 2 x 4.5

      • Ryan P

        Yeah I mainly agree. I also just realised that my thoughts about Huddersfield’s def is actually very unfounded, will probably ditch the Huddersfield def. I’m uncertain about Herrera but my thinking was that him and Pogba will be rather freed up by the signing of Matic. Last season Herrera played rather within his full attacking abilities, could still amount to nothing, but so far I don’t mind the option

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            Check my budget midfielders article! Should be plenty of options in there, I currently have Ince in my team

          • Ryan P

            Very true Matt, the budget mids article has some good info. Without changing the price structure of the team, I now have Ward-Prowse as my 4th mid and looking at either Chalobah or Carroll as 5th mid. Of course I may change other players to afford a stronger 4th mid

  16. Brandon

    Thinking of 1st few weeks, what are your thoughts on:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Yoshida, Dawson, Daniels (Tuanzebe, Long)
    Salah, Eriksen, KDB, Willian, Tadic
    Lukaku, Jesus [C] (Quaner)

    Bench fodder is literally that. Looking at WE in gw 5 or 6 with this team.

  17. jhking0313

    Foster (Elliott)
    Alonso, Kolasinac, Ake (Rangel, B.Smith)
    Alli, Salah, Mkhi, JWP (Carroll)
    Lukaku, Jesus, Chicharito

    Thoughts on the team? I think it’s pretty balanced given the heavy outlay for Alonso and Kolasinac. Bench is awful but won’t be rotating the defence anyway. Ake over Yoshida due to attacking threat and southampton, despite their easy fixtures, haven’t been great defensively in the pre season…

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Short term you might get away with it, but I like having at least 1 playing defender on the bench. Nice team tho!

  18. kingcolesy

    Heres the best GW1 team only to find out im way off the mark

    0 ITB
    Foster (Elliot)
    Trippier Bertrand Yoshida (Mee Huni)
    Eriksen Salah Willian RLC (Carroll)
    Jesus Lukaku Lacazette

    RLC, Mee, Carroll rotate for first 3 GWs. Should hopefully get 60mins out of RLC gw1 :O

    Thoughts on Eriksen vs Alli? Go with the higher ownership?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I look forward to getting a visit from Captain hindsight in a week’s time. I’ve gone off RLC, don’t think he starts. I like Eriksen, it’s a tough one. Go with your gut

  19. The Wiz

    Hey boys RMT!

    Lukaku Lacazette

    KDB Alli Salah Zaha Carroll

    Kompany Trippier Bertrand


    – starting Carroll on the field enables me to field a strong line up! Might take the risk with him and plan for an early WC in game week 5-6 when the fixtures open up a little.

    Cheers boys, TheWiz

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      G’day Wiz. I like the Carroll thinking, it really depends how the 6.0 options go. If Rodriguez/Austin/Ince/Phillips start well it could hurt.

    • Ryan P

      Defenders may be too expensive. If you pick Chicharito you start him. You can have expensive defenders just not 4 or 5. Keep 3 of your 4 starting defenders while downgrading one to have on the bench and start Chicharito on the field other than that do whatever you want. Selections look pretty solid, apparently Trippier may miss first game or two which is a shame because I have him too

  20. EmGee

    Hi guys, I dont usually do an RMT but thought this year I’d throw it out there for some feedback:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Valencia Trippier Yoshida (Lejeune/Alexander-Arnold/Mee)
    De Bruyne Coutinho Willian Phillips (Carroll)
    Lukaku, Jesus, Rodriguez/Chicharito

    Lack of Spurs attacking coverage my main issue as far as I see it, although Coutinho could become Alli/Eriksen. Also depending on the Trippier outcome he may become Kolasinac.

    Would be nice to get a few thoughts.


    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      No worries mate. Trippier’s ankle injury has thrown my plans into disarray, even though it may only be one or two weeks. Waiting on more news. As far as the team structure goes I like it, don’t get too caught up on ‘team coverage’. Pick the players you think will perform.

  21. Zac

    Hi everyone. My first time i am going to try take FPL seriously. made a team last year but gave up early. Would appreciate some feedback!

    Foster (Elliot)
    Daniels, Kolasinac, Cedric (long, suttner)
    Alli, Zaha, Pogba, Willian (Carrol)
    Kane, Lukaku, Chicharito

    Currently unsure if i should go:
    Daniels, Pogba and Willian
    Danilo, De Bruyne, Carrol fielded

  22. Charlie

    Really unsure about Willian/Abraham at the moment. Don’t rate WBA so avoiding J. Rod and think Tammy is the next best cheap forward. Could downgrade Willian to Ritchie or even JWP and upgrade Alexander-Arnold but think he will start first few GW’s and is worth a punt.

    Foster (Elliot)

    Bertrand Daniels Alexander-Arnold (Suttner) (Mee)

    De Bruyne Willian Zaha Alli (Carroll)

    Kane Lukaku Abraham

    Let me know your thoughts,


  23. Dylan Hughes


    Thanks, mate. 3rd year play and hoping 1st year not being shithouse.

  24. bazorse

    Forster (Myhill)
    Mustafi Danilo Cedric (Rangel Hunemeier)
    KDB Mane Pedro Iwobi (Loftus-Cheek)
    Aguero Lukaku Gabbi

  25. Michael Gunner

    Thanks for all your pre season work! Love your thoughts on this starting squad:

    Stones Cedric Naughton
    Eriksen deBruyne Zaha Ince
    Kane Lacazette Chicharito

    Hart Loftus-Cheek Mee Lejune

  26. Jamie

    Really enjoying your work, rate my team please.

    De Gea (Elliot)
    Danilo, Kolosinac, Bertrand, Davies (Lejeune)
    Willian, KDB, Zaha, (Loftus-Cheek, Carroll)
    Firmino, Lacazette, Lukaku.

    Only player not quite satisfied with is RLC.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers Jamie. Only thing I’m not satisfied with is formation but to be honest it looks pretty good!

  27. templetontherat

    After rolling through the preseason navigation article (excellent hub by the way) I think I’ve finished making all my changes.

    Forster (Begovic)
    Jones, Alonso, Kolasinic (Daniels, Naughton)
    Phillips, Mooy, Salah, Sane (Stephens)
    Lukaku (c), Lacazette, Gabbiadini

  28. Boner Contention

    Started GW1 with

    Foster ( Elliott )
    Stephens Dawson Daniels ( Long Huneimer )
    Alli De Bruyne Salah Zaha Carroll
    Kane Lukaku ( Quaner )

    Is my season off to a flyer?

  29. Brandon


    Wildcard is active… what you think:

    Foster (Elliot) [no need to change]
    Naughton, Alonso, Blind, Bertrand (Dunk)
    Pogba, Mhikitarian, Antonio (Cork, Chalobah)
    Kane, Firmino, Morata!!!!!!

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